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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone hteaphyOzone therapy is a powerful and versatile treatment used for a wide range of conditions. Initially developed in Germany in the early 1950s, medical ozone therapy has been widely used throughout Europe for many years. Now, practitioners throughout the U.S. have gradually begun to adopt it. The purpose of ozone therapy is to heal and detoxify the body through oxidation. This process provides numerous health benefits to the body, including:

1. Immune Boost

Ozone therapy stimulates the immune system to improve the body’s natural defense against sickness and disease. This makes ozone therapy an effective treatment for conditions that cause an underactive immune system such as AIDS, cancer, and chronic infections. 

2. Immune Regulation

In addition to providing immune stimulation for people with an underactive immune system, ozone therapy also works as an immune regulator. For people with autoimmune diseases, ozone therapy can help to slow down the overactive immune system for symptom relief. 

3. Improved Oxygen Delivery

Ozone therapy boosts oxygen delivery to cells, tissues, and organs, which improves the body’s ability to function optimally. 

4. Detoxification 

Ozone therapy supports the body’s ability to flush out toxins, whether they be from the environment or from lifestyle habits. The powerful detoxification afforded by ozone therapy can provide a significant boost to your overall wellness. 

5. Greater Blood Circulation

Ozone therapy has also been proven to boost blood circulation; better circulation ensures that nutrients are more effectively delivered to the body’s cells, tissues, and organs that need them. 

6. Antioxidant Protection

Ozone therapy is the most efficacious treatment for increasing antioxidant protection; antioxidants are crucial for the body’s natural defense. Most individuals with chronic disease have insufficient antioxidant defenses. 

7. Bacterial Infection Treatment

Due to its antibacterial properties, ozone therapy can treat bacterial infections and lower the risk of infection if you have an open wound. 

8. Diabetes Care

By lowering oxidative stress in the body and preventing oxygen starvation in the cells, ozone therapy is a valuable treatment in diabetes management. 

9. Chronic Pain Relief

Ozone therapy is a natural treatment option for individuals experiencing chronic pain. The treatment can help relieve pain by reducing inflammation in the body and supporting the healing process of damaged tissues. 

10. Mitochondrial Stimulation

Did you know that decreased mitochondrial energy production is the main underlying cause of all degenerative diseases? It’s true, and ozone therapy can help by acting as a mitochondrial stimulant. 

To learn more about ozone therapy and its many benefits, schedule an appointment at The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine today. 

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