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Dr. Kalidas has given me back my life again and again! His amazing treatment with my Lyme Disease and now again while I am going through peri-menopause with many debilitating symptoms. I am so grateful to have him in my corner for the last 10 years! I trust no one else and send everyone I know to him. Thank you Dr. K and staff for all the tireless work you do for each and every one of us! We appreciate YOU!

Dan Beffa

Almost two years ago my wife Sharon and I were in our front yard and we were sprayed by a crop duster. Our health started to decline to the point of seeing Dr’s. We had testing for toxins at a the Great Plains Lab. The bio chemist at the lab recommended Dr Kalidas. We then took the results to Dr K. Sharon and I spent a couple of hours with him. Dr K and it was a pleasure to talk to him. He also is very thorough. So Dr K recommended a treatment plan, some supplements and the Infra Red Sauna. We decided to buy one and Dr K wrote a protocol for us to use with the sauna. It has only been a few weeks and WE both are loosing weight and feeling much better. I recommend everyone to detoxify and get healthy.
Thank You Dr Kalidas and all at The Center
Dan and Sharon Beffa
Dansha Farms

Charley B

I want to thank Dr. K for giving me my life back! I spent 5 1/2 years of being sick and going to 8 different doctors, just to be sent away each time because they couldn’t help me. When I first went into Dr. K’s office, he was able to tell me my symptoms before I could tell him. Right there, I knew I had found the right doctor. I’m not going to lie, it takes patience. I spent many appointments losing hope, but Dr. K didn’t give up. After a year and a half of treatment, I feel like I have my life back. The sick person I was feels like a different life. I have never met a doctor as caring as Dr. K. He is brilliant, kind, and wonderful. He hurts when I hurt and cheers my accomplishments. Thank you, Dr. K!

Dr. Anita saved me!!
I been fighting with the scale for almost 6 years, I tried all kind of programs and diets, and it worked for a little while.
Dr. Anita was the first one to actually helped me, with a program very easy to follow. I believe I can do this for life, she was able to change for lifestyle. Before I stated the program my weight was 188lb, when I stated the program back in January 30th I was 180lb with 39.4 % fat, today my weight is 159lb and 33% fat. I couldn’t be happier!! I was able to accomplish so much with her help! now my stress level are very low and also my anxiety. I am still eating some bad food at the weekends and also drinking lol but even doing that I was able to lose a lot of weight. I haven’t reach my final goal yet, but I feel I am half way there. If you want to change your life you must go there…

Barbara Braga

This place is amazing. It saved my life. I have been a patient for years.

First Dr. Thomas helped me with my hormone levels, mostly the adrenal fatigue (i was in a really bad place), it took about a year but now i can fell i am “healed”.

Dr. Romie is also amazing, she helped me a lot when I was heaving anxiety and panic attack, she is very kind and she changed the way I used to fell guilty and very hard on myself.

Angel and the nurses are super polite and nice, everybody there is just amazing. As soon as you step inside you can fell the positive atmosphere. The place is very clean and comfy.

Last but not least Dr. Anita, she is helping me find a balance between my weight and health. I been to several drs and I tried everything, I guess she is the first person that I can actually reach my weight goals. She is super attentive and positive, she can really find a way that is not crazy methods. She gave me hope again.

That is no enough words that I thank them. I am very grateful to be a patient there. Barbara Braga

Just the combination of natural and Western medicine I have been looking for. Physicians are incredibly well-trained, knowledgable and willing to go above and beyond for patients being treated for chronic illness to pursue an optimal quality of life. The office is lovely, staff is caring and quick to respond and the practice is on the cutting edge of integrative medicine. I wish I had found them sooner.

I’m surprised at some of the negative comments on here, most of which seem to be about one nurse in particular.

I have been going here for almost a year. I’ve never felt so respected and cared for by any medical team in my life! I see Dr. Amar Kalidas but have also seen Dr. M for hormones. I never feel rushed, the entire staff is gracious and they care about you on a personal level. Nurse Sandra and the IV nurses are lovely and warm. Their approach is truly integrative, and treatments are cutting edge.

I’ve been been to similar, smaller scale clinics and I always felt pressured to buy supplements. Not here! I don’t feel pressured at all.

When I call with questions or concerns, either the nurse or doctor himself usually always calls me back same day. I wish you could get this quality approach at every doctor’s office. Dr. Amar halted the progression of my illness and has given me hope for the first time in years.

Also…. this place is very clean and comfortable!

After a year of no answers, feeling like I was going to die with no help (lyme people know what I’m talkin’ about) and feeling so lost and sick, a girl in the area recommended this place. My sickness was starting to affect my job… I work at the space center as an educator and people expect me to be incredibly smart. I was struggling to remember words, even got confused and walked to the wrong places sometimes. I knew I had a problem when it took me literally 15 seconds in a conversation to recall the word “jet fuel”, lol.

I had spent 2 months searching for a lyme doctor and they were out-of-this-world expensive for a college student working a $10 an hour job (and living on my own). I mean, I’m talking THOUSANDS, so $400 for an initial visit isn’t anything! So, this was the cheapest place that I could find– by all means the quality here is not cheap at all. Coming here was such an uplifting experience. It was also very relaxing, almost like a spa experience for sick people, lol. My lyme disease was validated and he truly spent time to listen to my story. He explained things in simpler terms when I didn’t understand and spent time going through all my supplements and which ones were good, bad and why I should take them. When we were done talking– I thought we were done. He even did a physical exam to check for inflammation, neurological issues, etc. He decided to keep me on a herbal/natural regimen for now, so no, not everyone is simply shoved anti biotics. It really does depend on how bad your symptoms are and all about YOU, your story and what you need! They know!

I would recommend this place in a heartbeat. I owe these people so much! Thank you for saving my life. I may have lost one year of my life to this sickness, but I had to lose one year of my life in order to live the rest of my life to its fullest!

Lisa Wible

Dr. K. Kalidas is a brilliant doctor. I came to him when I was suffering from chronic Lyme (what non-LLDs would have considered post-Lyme syndrome with nerve damage). I couldn’t even walk around the block because of pain and fatigue. After following his protocol to the letter (aggressive antibiotics, natural supplements, and diet change), much prayer, fasting, and exercise on my own, I am healed with 98% of my symptoms GONE. I walk or jog at least a mile a day now and don’t suffer with chronic pain anymore.
I am giving my 5 stars to Dr. K and would recommend seeing him personally for Lyme disease. He has a long wait list, but he is worth the wait! He is a world wide expert in chronic disease and extremely knowledgeable.

I don’t think I can adequately describe in words how completely impressed and elated I was when I found Dr. Kirti Kalidas.

I am a 55 year old Male who has recently relocated to Kissimme Fl from West Palm Beach Florida. I had been under the care of the Medical Community in South Florida since a 2002 stent placement in my left anterior descending, with a host of chronic health issues that continued to degenerate. When I arrived here in July of 2015, I had lost all confidence in the medical community as a whole, and my health was at an all time low.

Through (what I consider a miracle) I found Dr. K, and I have to say that Dr. K not only restored my faith in the Medical Community, he introduced me to a whole new world in Health and Wellness, his way of doing things should be the model for all providers!!!!!!!!!, he simply is a beacon of light in an otherwise bleak industry……….

If that was not enough he also introduced me to Dr. Pradip Jamnadas, who to my astonishment is cut from the same cloth as Dr. K.!!! These are 2 exceptional, outstanding, brilliant men!, if the medical community as a whole was made up of Doctors like these, than we would not have a medical crisis in this country.. and all patients would be as fortunate as I am!
I turn 56 in December, I plan on being in peak shape, physically, mentally and spiritually!!!!

I tried to use words to sing praises, but trust me when I tell you anything I say here will not do these men justice.

Thank you Dr. K and Dr. J.
You really do make the World a better place!!!

Michael Carabello

This wonderful man saved my daughters’ life. She was suffering debilitating symptoms for well over a year and was misdiagnosed numerous times by many doctors and specialists. She had headaches; numbness in her extremities, light headedness, dizziness, occasionally she would pass out, her heart rate would zoom up to over 180 beats per minute and other symptoms that I just cannot remember. She was suffering from Lyme disease. Doctor Kalidas treated her and she is doing great now. We recently took a cruise for spring break and ran into Dr. Kalidas on the tender craft taking us to the cruise lines’ island. It was a pleasant surprise. Thank You Dr. K you are the best!

I have been doing Chelation for years and it’s hard to find a good place in Central Fl for this procedure.. I have gone to several places within a 30 mile radius and by far this is the best there is.. during the past 18 months, I have gone for Chelation at Dr. Kalidas office doing the IV over a period of 2 1/2 to 3 hours per visit.. Paula and Camille are very professional in performing this procedure.. I wish I would have known about this place earlier and not had to go to other places around the Central Fl area… nothing but excellent things to say about this place, weather it’s the receptionists at the front entrance to Chelation or the Chelation personnel… well done!!!

I have Lyme, and Dr. Kalidas is the first doctor I’ve seen who’s been able to get me some answers and start me on a treatment course. It’s a long road (and expensive, unfortunately…), but I’m grateful to finally have a practitioner who believes me, is in this for the long haul, and is committed to working with me to help me get healthy. The staff at CNIM are helpful and cheerful and make my visits a pleasant experience.

I was recommended to The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine and hesitated because of the out of pocket expense. HOWEVER, after being to numerous doctors and paying my portion of the copay/deductible and getting absolutely nowhere with my treatment and medical concerns. I decided to bite the bullet and set an appointment with Dr. Moraczewski. It was the BEST decision that I could have made concerning my health. Dr. Moraczewski has thoroughly explained all of the things that I had questions about in my medical history. He helped me to understand many things that I had been suffering with for years and developed a plan forward to better health and a better ME!! Additionally, I have been extremely pleased with the staff and in making my appointments. Everyone has gone above and beyond my expectations for patient care.

Thank you to Dr. M and the staff for caring and helping me learn how to make a healthy me!!

Dr Kalidas definitely saved my life. I came to Dr K in August of 2013 after being ill for years. Then was 2 months of pure hell, going back and forth to the ER, numerous doctors, tests and hospital stays then my step mom finally referred me to him suspecting I had undiagnosed lyme disease. Sure enough my test came back positive, as did my 2 children. I began treatment immediately and also found some genetic disorders which were addressed. My children were referred to a pediatric Lyme doctor out of state to treat them. The wait for them to get in to a pediatric dr was over 6 months, we made the appointment and Dr K began treatment on them in the meantime. We all improved over time and we did get to the pediatric specialist, who confirmed the treatment that Dr K was implementing with them. My children recovered in less than a year and are now thriving! My oldest is now in gifted classes, this after having to complete homeboud/hospital bound schooling when he was very ill from lyme symptoms. In April of 2015 I relapsed due to a bad mold exposure from a leak in my home. Once again Dr K saved my life and got me on the right treatment. I am now fully recovered from both the Lyme and mold, as are my children. If symptoms ever happen to pop up again, then I know exactly who I will call. Dr K is very personable with great bedside manner. He takes into consideration your wants and needs. The only Dr that I could find in Florida who could incorporate both modern medicine and herbals to fit my body. I am very sensitive to medications but did not have any problems while under Dr K’s care. My family loves Dr K and will always be appreciative of his knowledge and treatment. My family is now living again!!! THANK YOU!!!

Dr. Kalidas and his whole team have helped me tremendously over the past few years. I love his extensive knowledge and approach to healing. He has always treated me like family and has the most wonderful bedside manner. I am so thankful for this doctor.