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I first met Dr. Kalidas back in 2003. At that time, my husband and Ihad been trying to have a baby for more than five years. Iwas 35 and he was 45. We had tried on our own for a few years. Got pregnant twice. But both resulted in early term miscarriages. As older potential parents, we felt time was running out. So we looked for the best fertility specialists in Orlando. He put both my husband and myself through a panel of tests and reported that there was no medical reason he could determine why we were struggling to have a baby. The next step was fertility medication’s. But that didn’t work we switched to fertility medication’s with artificial insemination. The next step was IVF. Back ni those days, the proposal was to fertilize and implant five embryos. Then follow up with selective reduction for the embryos that appeared most viable. It was at this point that Idecided to stop fertility treatments. Selective reduction of embryos was not something that Icould wrap my mind around!

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02/27/2024 – NP.

Dear Dr. K and the Team at the Center for Natural Integrative Medicine,
My health journey commenced 18 years ago, a perplexing labyrinth of unexplained symptoms that confounded countless specialists, including visits to the revered Mayo Clinic. I found myself on a bewildering array of over a dozen prescription medications as my body spiraled into a state of shutdown. In addition, I felt like a science experiment with procedures ranging from spinal taps to colonoscopies, with no real answers. My illness took a toll on my mental well-being in addition to my physical well-being. The weight gain, a staggering 50 pounds in just two years, was a physical and emotional burden. Once an athlete in prime shape, I found myself unable to walk or rise from bed due to a cluster of debilitating ailments.

With no diagnosis in hand, the medical narrative drifted towards stress, prompting my resignation from a fulfilling 20-year tenure as an Executive VP of a growing brand. Determined and resolute, I realized the criticality of becoming my own health advocate. The Western medical approach seemed fixated on symptom management rather than addressing root causes, leaving me despondent and willing to try anything to reclaim my health.

An unexpected turn of events led me to the Center for Natural Integrative Medicine, initially seeking relief through a colonic procedure. It was there, flipping through brochures, that I stumbled upon a beacon of hope—Dr. K. With nothing but my medical history meticulously compiled in a binder, Dr. K’s thoroughness in reviewing every detail was impressive. His decision to conduct a new battery of tests and his astute intuition led to a pivotal moment—I finally received a diagnosis: Chronic Neurological Lyme disease and multiple co-infections.

The journey was far from over; Dr. K cautioned that the true challenge lay ahead. With multiple conditions demanding attention, a strategic treatment plan was crafted. Despite the forewarning of worsening symptoms before improvement, hope glimmered on the horizon for the first time in years.

For the past eight years, under Dr. K’s guidance and care, I’ve been on a path to reclaiming my life. It wasn’t merely the expertise in treatment but the compassion, unwavering support, and occasional “tough love” that reshaped my perspective on fighting for my life. I realigned my thoughts, making healing my top priority, and it worked. Today, I stand humbled and immensely grateful to declare—I’ve reclaimed my life.

Thank you, Dr. K, and the remarkable team of nurses, IV staff, etc. for being the guiding light through the darkest tunnels of my health journey. Your dedication, expertise, and empathy have transformed what seemed an insurmountable battle into a journey of healing and hope.

With deepest gratitude,

02/21/2024 – Sarah S.

At age 37 I had a radical hysterectomy surgery due to them finding uterine and ovarian cancer. I had many complications from the surgery and the complications delayed my recovery. I spoke with several Oncologist’s who agreed that due to the medical complications, | missed their chemo treatment window due to so many weeks oftime after surgery. They all agreed that I should just be followed closely with routine exams, testing and imaging. I felt | had always lived pretty healthy, but I decided a few weeks after my surgery to really make some big changes to help improve myhealth and help keep cancer away. I have a couple autoimmune conditions, so I was already eating gluten, grains, and dairy free at this point, but I decided to also go sugar free and to eat all organic food as much as possible. I also started juicing, eating lots of salads loaded with tons of fresh vegetables and healing herbs and spices, doing intermittent fasting, trying to exercise daily, do my best to de- stress, and to make time togo outside toget fresh air and sunshine and be out in nature, etc. I also want to add that my faith, prayer time, gratitude, forgiveness, speaking life and healing, and doing things that bring joy are my daily necessities.

A friend ofmy sister’s (who had also been on her own healing cancer journey) told me about Dr. Kirti Kalidas and I’m so very thankful that she did! A couple weeks after my surgery she gave me his business card and said I should check out his clinic. I also mentioned Dr. Kirti Kalidas to my GYN Oncologist surgeon, and they agreed that it would be a really good idea toget an appt with him. From the moment I met Dr. Kirti Kalidas | could tell he was a very caring and a very wise Doctor. He truly wants to help people and he brings a huge wealth ofknowledge. We started with a good conversation so he could learn about my health situation. He encouraged me to keep eating a healthy diet as that is super important. He then ordered numerous tests to see where some ofmy body’s levels were at as well as we also did testing for multiple toxins, glyphosate, candida, and tests for several other things. He wanted to help me find the root causes ofmy health issues and then work on addressing them.

Once the test results were back Dr. Kirti Kalidas helped me start addressing things. He explained the importance of removing all toxins from my body. He recommended| start taking some supplements to help rid the toxins in my body and told me of some things to start doing at home that would also help me to detox from the toxins. He started me on some vitamins and supplements that my body needed to help get my blood and nutrient levels in balance. At his recommendationI also started doing high dose IV vitamin C treatments and some IV Ozone treatments for several weeks. The IV treatments I believe were super beneficial in my healing journey and I want to give a shout out to all the wonderful IV clinic Nurses athis office that were so kind, caring, and very skilled at what they do. Dr. Kirti Kalidas also always gives me some great health and wellness articles to review and some excellent reading recommendations on ways to help the body heal at each ofmy appts. I love how he is always learning and always keeping up with the latest medical research and he encourages his patients to gain knowledge as well. Healing is a journey and Dr. Kirti Kalidas is a fantastic Doctor to have on my team! Whenever I have a medical issue or concern, I can talk tohim about it at my appt(s) and I love how he digs for the root cause ofthe issue so that we can fully address it and work on my healing and recovery. I’m now 3 years out from the surgery and I’m so very blessed to have found him and I’m so very thankful for all his continued help and for all his encouragement! I don’t think I would be where I am today without all his help and guidance. I highly recommend Dr. Kirti Kalidas and his office to everyone!

11/15/2023 – C.

Just thought in case you were wondering how my hair is doing, I should be your new ‘poster child’ for stem cell treatments. My hair is awesome. It has grown approx 3” all over my head. It’s thin on the bottom, of course, cause it is what was left; what didn’t fall out but the top is full and it looks amazing. I stopped wearing the fake hair several weeks ago. All my friends are amazed. I am scheduled for another treatment in January and I want to keep that appointment. I would like to do the stem cell treatments every 3-4 months cause I am old and many old ladies generally have very thin hair. I want to keep reminding my hair to grow, hence regular stem cell treatments. Thank you for all you did to help me. This November is so much better than last. At Thanksgiving this year when we go around the table saying what we are thankful for I’m gonna say: Hair… I am grateful to have hair!

5/11/2021 – J.S.

I have had the pleasure of being a patient of Dr Kirti Kalidas Virtually/Remotely from out of state since October of 2020.
He truly discovers, addresses and is treating “dis-ease” at its root cause. I have been receiving care from Dr. Kirti Kalidas for Mental Health, Hormone Replacement Therapy (radiation/chemo induced early menopause) as well as, Chronic Viruses/Co-Infections. His unique and extraordinary approach has empowered me with tools to take action and develop a personalized regimen and lifestyle change that works for me and my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. I feel fully supported in all aspects of my well-being and feel that Dr. Kalidas has prioritized my health concerns and continues to address issues at a comfortable pace. I deeply appreciate the thoroughness of His compassionate approach and tenacity. Dr. Kirti Kalidas has an incredible ability to interpret the greater story of my overall well-being. The tools he has given me have empowered me and are continuing to transform me from the inside out.

I want to share my experience in hopes that it may resonate with someone out there that may be feeling “sick and tired of being sick and tired”

And encourage you to give Dr Kirti Kalidas and The Center For Natural and Integrative Medicine a call, regardless of your distance from Orlando, FL. His staff has been great to work with in coordinating labs, at-home test kits, etc. I appreciate the quality of the supplements The Center For Natural and Integrative Medicine offers, delivery is timely and free shipping on orders over $100. Also, The patient portal offers an abundance of patient-education resources available in the library tab.

Thank you Dr Kirti Kalidas and The Center For Natural and Integrative Medicine.

In Gratitude ~ J.K.

8/18/2020 – E.R.

Dr. Kalidas is an awesome doctor.

I have been seeking dr k for about a little over a year… I have EBV and Lyme.

I just love him, Amy his nurse and the girls at the IV room, Paula, Synthia, and Karla! Everyone is so helpful, thoughtful and sympathetic. I am so excited to share how special doctor Kalidas is. He listens when you talk and he will ask questions, he explains everything, he even suggest to record the visits so I could go back and listen, which I love because I get so overwhelm and sometimes can’t remember everything discussed, he truly cares. ❤️

Recently I was diagnosed with an inoperable detached retina. I called Dr. K and tole him if he could help me. He immediately researched and called me back. He suggested we try two different IV’s… twice a week. The day after the first IV my eye was feeling better. I was more cleared minded and I had more energy. 😊

But yes on the road to recovery… I am so blessed to be treated by doctor Kalidas! I am feeling better all the way around!

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11/4 – S.H.

To say this has been life changing would be an understatement. He gave me my life back! Every test he did in the first appointment had a purpose and not just pushing to make money.

Every appointment he took time to always listen which for most MD’s that doesn’t happen. He makes you feel comfortable and at ease. His entire team is just wonderful as well.

Knowing that KPU is something I’m always going to deal with should feel scary, but I feel like I have a partner in this with Dr. Kalidas.

Since my 1st appointment May 2nd – to now November 4th I’m feeling 75% better and look forward to another 6 months to see how I’ll feel then.

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10/31 – S.S.

I have been visiting the IV Suite for a long time now and would like to point out how the entire staffs (Synthia, Paula, and Karla) are amazing. They are all very knowledgeable, caring, and very professional. Keep up the good work!

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10/25 – N.K.

The best thing that happened to me health wise was coming to Dr. Kalidas and being treated by him. He is a wonderful doctor, very considerate, compassionate and very able. He takes his time with me-and now with my kids and my husband- inquiring about all aspects of our life style, mental, emotional and physical. I would recommend him to any of my friends.

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10/18 – N.G.

I have been seeing Dr. Kalidas for several years now and every visit has been a great experience. I really appreciate doctors who see the body as whole and recommend treatments accordingly. Doctor Kalidas is one of those doctors.

The body needs facilitation to heal itself and that facilitation is provided at The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine. Long gone are the times where an organ is cut out for misbehaving. One needs to find the reasons behind the problems. Dr Kalidas and his team have proven invaluable in my journey to optimum health.

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10/18 – T.F.

I am someone who has struggled with and often repressed my underlying emotionally-stressed behaviors, somatic effects and episodes. At the start of my wellness journey, I was fishing for answers outside of what traditional medicine could offer. I felt like my path to healing wasn’t going to get started if the clinical rhetoric was following me from doctor to doctor. The most I was ever told was that I was a hypoglycemic individual that needs psychiatric attention. That was at the age of 13. The stubbornness to accept this fate like that sparked a lasting interest in holistic mechanisms. I refused to see an M.D. and instead relied on the work of Naturopaths, Functional Medicine, D.O.s, herbalists, etc. and then I found Dr. Kalidas’s office and my outlook on medicine shifted. By my second visit, Dr. K was not only able to target my condition, but he fed me knowledge to empower me as an individual. Him, Dr. A, the medical assistants, Anita and the entire staff are attentive, charismatic and wholesome in every approach. I genuinely feel like I am being treated as a human being, not just written off as another case.

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10/16 – A.T.

After many months of health issues, I decided to pursue further medical intervention. From the moment of arrival, I was greeted with smiles, professionalism and warmth. They were really attentive to task and my needs. Seamless transition from front desk to exam to checkout. Everything was appropriately discussed, disclosed, and processed. Dr. Kalidas was very attentive to my concerns and answered all my questions, developed a plan of care, and was realistic with all said plans and advice. Upon checkout, the font desk staff was once again amazing, making sure my scheduling needs were met and that I had all the info I required. I am fully confident I am in the right place for wellness. It is not often that the staff and practitioners are in sync and enjoy their job. This place for exceeds all my expectations and it was an absolutely enjoyable experience on my road to wellness.

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10/6 – N.B.

I have had hypertension, fibromyalgia, polyarthritis, osteoporosis, reflux, Hashimotos, hypothyroidism, and lead toxicity. Dr. Kalidas ordered mineral testing which found lead toxicity. I underwent chelation therapy which reduced the count from 66 to 25! Currently, I am on IV nutritional plus a MIC shot. I am assuming it is to build up my immune system. I try very hard to take the supplements every day. Recently, I discovered Collagen. While I was having an infusion I asked Paula to look it up for interacting with my supplements, especially my Beta blockers. She also asked Dr. Kalidas and he was very kind and called me in the evening to tell me if was fine to take it. He is the kind of doctor that is never too busy to respond to questions and he really listens during my visits! I have no doubt I will be feeling better!

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8/14 – C.Z.

My experience with the IV Suite has been very satisfying. The team is always warm, caring, and professional. They go the extra mile by making everyone feel comfortable. The standards here are even higher than the clinic I go to for my blood work. I just wish you would open a satellite office closer to New Smyrna.

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8/14 – P.J.D.

My experience in the IV suite has been one of total peace and calm. The soft music and dim lights remove any apprehension regarding the procedure. I found all the staff members to be kind and caring. During my visits I felt totally relaxed and cared for.

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8/8 – J.M.

I’ve been a patient of this center for several months. Every visit has been a very pleasant experience. All the staff are friendly, knowledgable, and always accommodating in making sure my visit is as comfortable as possible. The level of care I have received here is above any other facility I’ve attended.

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4/30 – A.S.R

Dr. Kalidas, Dr. Amar, and their IV team have given me my health back over and over again! Suffering from chronic Lyme Disease and relapsing horribly after each pregnancy, their integrative approach – including nutritional and high-dose vitamin C IVs – has quickly turned my health from being barely able to function and get out of bed to now being able to fully care for my three young children… toddler and newborn included! I cannot say enough great things about this practice. The doctors truly take the time to listen to the patient, and strive to get to the root of the problem instead of just giving prescriptions to treat symptoms.

The wonderful nurses in the IV suite have been amazing throughout the years. They are kind, gentle, caring, and compassionate. This practice provides it all! I will forever be grateful to this practice for restoring my quality of life.

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3/19 – C.Z.

I want to thank everyone for the excellent care I receive every week. I especially wanted to thank Paula. She is forever knowledgeable, nurturing, caring and giving. I feel customer service is the best feature a business can offer and Paula represents that concept well. Being here is a constant reminder that one is sick but Paula gives you hope by sharing her warmth.

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11/18 – W.S.

I have been ill since 2009. I had gone to numerous doctors without getting a diagnosis. One visit to Dr. Kalidas and he sent me for extensive blood work and additional testing and he caught the Lyme disease immediately. I have been receiving IV treatments which have been helping me greatly. I know I am being cured! I so appreciate Dr. Kalidas getting to the root of my health problem and his staff of nurses are just terrific! I finally have hope again. Thank you, Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Wendy S.

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10/18 – T.H.

Dr. Kalidas knew exactly what I needed. I.V. staff was awesome. Great service overall. I highly recommend.

T. H.

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9/18 – J.W.

I was very sick a year and a half ago not knowing what was wrong. I suspected Lyme. As a lifetime of fear of doctors I was relieved to meet Dr. Kalidas. He made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. My suspicions were right. I had the Lyme’s and co-infections as well. He put me on a regimen of natural medicines that curbed the virus. I have so much faith in him. I am running 3 miles a day and feeling so much better! Highly recommend Dr. Kalidas!!

Jennifer W.

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9/18 – L.O.

I started with Dr K about a year ago. When I first came here I had very swollen ankles and was very inflamed. I was diagnosed with cronns disease and celiac disease about three years ago and wanted to heal my body the natural way. I’ve been consistently coming to him and would get blood work done. I’ve been taking the supplements how I’ve been instructed to. Today I have no inflammation in my ankles and my cronns has been under control. I used to also be extremely anemic and could not absorb any nutrients. Today I am slowly able to. I am still working on getting my adrenals back to normal and my nutrients to be where they should be. But I have improved tremendously since working with Dr K. over the past year.

Libby O.

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9/18 – S.R.

When I first came to see Dr. Kalidas, I was feeling horrible. I was sick and he was my last hope, because every other Doctor said they couldn’t find anything and said nothing was wrong. I am happy to say I’m feeling better everyday and my health has improved since being under his care. He listened, he cared, and he looked where every other doctor didn’t. Most important he told me he would fight for me. I will never forgot those words. I am so grateful to him for fighting for me and genuinely caring. After all, my life depends on it. Today I’m more than hopeful; I’m feeling better. This is a journey, but it’s now a journey of wellness and improvement not hopelessness. Than you for all you have done for me. You are an Angel here on this earth.

Sofia R.

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9/18 – A.B.

Three years ago I began experiencing a chronic cough that put my entire life on pause. I had trouble breathing and missed a lot of school. I had seen so many doctors and was a frequent flyer in the ER. No one was able to help me and in fact all the medications they gave me made me so much sicker. Not only was I constantly having week long coughing fits but I was also throwing up and feeling dizzy. This past year I missed 25% of the school year but was sick and distracted for at least 50% of the year. Just a few months ago we decided to come here based on a recommendation from a friend. Dr. Kalidas immediately suggested we cut gluten and dairy and then ran some tests. Coming back today nearly three months after seeing him I am thrilled to report that I have not had a recurrence since cutting gluten and dairy. All of my labs validated his gut feeling and I am so excited being able to go into this year knowing I can put all of that behind me!

Abby B.

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9/18 – E.A.

I have been a patient of Dr. Kirti Kalidas for almost 10 years. Dr. Kalidas is genuinely caring, knowledgeable and professional and I feel much at ease talking to him and asking him questions about my health. He is like ‘family’ to me, hence the reason I introduced by husband, Norman to see him during the last 2 years.

I am 76 years old and have aging problems but having Dr. Kalidas attend to me all these years, I can manage to do Zumb few times per week (1 hour non-stop) and also do weight-lifting. Dr. Kalidas you are an amazing doctor!

Your staff is very polite, courteous and welcoming and I do not have anything negative to say about them or your office. I must comment also on the nurses at the Ivy Suite : – Paula, Synthia and Carla. They are professional and friendly. They make me feel comfortable and I love talking to them.

A big ‘Thank You’ Dr. Kalidas and staff for your great services. Good Luck and Best Wishes to all of you!

Yours sincerely,
Eve A.

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8/18 – H.B.

My husband of 55 years and I have been in the forefront of natural healing our entire marriage. Back in 2004 my husband came to this office for a general checkup even though he was not ill to see how his overall health was doing. As there was nothing too much he needed, we only came a few times and then referred anyone who needed help to his office. Then a few months ago when his health began to deteriorate, we again connected to the office. We found that the staff as well as Dr. Kalidas are caring, professional, alert to the slightest needs of the patients and this is not something easily found in this day. We feel fortunate to have this office in our area and life. We recommend it and the doctor and staff for the highest quality of care and results any patient can expect to receive. We will continue to visit this office and recommend it always.

Hari B.

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8/18 – N.C.

I came to see Dr. Kalidas in 2004, with absolutely no energy. I had been taking care of my son, who was ill, for 6 yrs. (He since recovered)! Dr. Kalidas diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue. My saliva test was flat lined. He gave me various vitamins/minerals, IV vitamins, and cortef, over a period of 8-9 month. I had been taking naps for 5 hours a day (and I was in my 40’s). I recommend Dr. Kalidas to my friends, especially when they have exhausted the mainstream doctors. I would highly recommend him. He is very knowledgeable and caring.

Nancy C.

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8/18 – G.T.

I Gloria have been getting knee injections at Dr. K’s practice for several years. I can honestly tell you the injections help me with removing the pain, inflammations, and liquid accumulation inside the knees.

It’s a great treatment versus knee surgery. I think having the extra prolozone helps heal faster. Thank you Dr. K. and his team for great work.

Gloria T.

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8/18 – K.G.

I attribute much of my excellent health to Dr. Kirti Kalidas. His knowledge and understanding of medicine both traditional and natural along with his dedicated and genuine concern for the health of his patients makes him the best Doctor in town! Dr. Kalidas has treated by Hashimoto’s Disease for many years. He always makes me feel as if his patients are of the upmost importance Thank you Dr. Kalidas and staff for the warm, dedicated and consistent treatment.

Kim G.

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8/18 – S.D.

My journey with Lyme, Babesia and other health challenges began 14 years ago. After being undiagnosed, but very sick for 4 years I began treatment with an infectious disease MD, continued treatment in Germany and with Dr. Jemsek and found my bridge to living with Dr. Kalidas and Dr. Amar.

The very individual, medical compassionate and (w)holistic approach they have with each patient’s particular issues and what their body and pocketbook can handle is unparalled. The Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine is truly an answered prayer. I continue to depend on them to keep me functioning with the latest research, but most effective protocols and best integrative care in the nation! If you are suffering, I promise they will restore your body and bring you relief!

Submitted with Love and Gratitude 🙂

Steffany D.

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8/18 – M.S.

I want to thank Dr. Kalidas and his staff. I have been seeing Dr. Kalidas for several years now. A few years ago I was diagnosed with a tumor in my Parotid gland. At the time my face was swollen and I had a bump on the side of my face. (left side) When I went to my regular primary doctor at the time, he had told me I need surgery to remove and then possible chemo after surgery. I was so scared and unsure of what to do. I decided to see Dr. Kalidas before going through with the surgery to make sure I was doing the right thing. Previously to this diagnosis I had cervical and thyroid cancer. So hearing about my Parotid gland was scary. Dr. Kalidas said to give him a chance that he thought he can remove the tumor without surgery. He set up a plan for me with IV’s, vitamins and other things. I followed the plan exactly as he setup. Within months the tumor was gone. The doctor could not explain how the tumor had just disappeared. I have all the faith in the world and fee very thankful to Dr. Kalidas and his staff team for everything they have done for me and continue to do for me. Dr. Kalidas really cares about people and works his best to find the cure to the problem. Thank you Dr. Kalidas and his team for making a miracle happen.

Marisela S.

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8/18 – B.D.

I feel I am getting personalized care. Everyone is very professional and so kind and thoughtful. Dr. Kalidas definitely takes his time with you and uses all avenues to search your care.

Bonnie D.

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8/18 – G.M.

I met Dr. Kalidas many years ago in one of his seminars and I was wow’d. But as the years went by, I had no way to predict that Dr. K. was going to save my best friends life. So of course, after letting stressful work situations damage my health profoundly, I reached out to Dr K again! Guess what? He brought me out of a very difficult situation. There are no words to describe my gratitude to him and his wonderful staff. When skill, knowledge and compassion are fused, Dr. K. comes to mind.

Thank you!
Gladys M.

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8/18 – D.M.

I have been working with Dr. Amar with my health. I went from major depression, not sleeping, joint aches and pains, muscles aching, stomach bloating, thyroid sluggish, tired and all around just feeling awful. Dr. Amar is so great in listening to me and us both working towards better health for me. Today I am feeling like my old self, happy, excited about life and feeling physically stronger. If you are serious about your health and willing to do your part Dr. Amar will give his all. He has done that for me and I am forever grateful for his care, compassion and knowledge. I now feel that the next stage in life can be wonderful because my health is better.

Denise M.

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8/18 – N.C.

Some years ago, I became very ill. For three years I went to numerous kinds of specialists, undergoing a myriad of diagnostic tests, and no one could give me a correct diagnosis for the constellation of symptoms I was experiencing. After much suffering, getting to the point of being essentially bed-ridden, I found The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine during a google search for alternative medicine.

I made an appointment to see them, and I’m here to tell you that they gave me my life back. Through diagnostic blood work that no conventional doctor ever did (including an infectious disease specialist,) I got the correct diagnosis and in a matter of six weeks, with the correct treatment, for the first time in three years, I was able to stay out of bed an entire day. It has been gradual, but steady journey on my way to complete recovery; however, thanks to Dr. Kalidas, Mike Kehoe, PA, and Dr. Moraczewski, today I’m able to lead a normal life doing the things I used to do.

Dr. Kalidas is a kindhearted man, and very knowledgeable. He listens and acknowledges your symptoms, and doesn’t make you feel like you’re a hypochondriac. I’m also grateful to Mike Kehoe, Dr. Moraczewski, and Paula for all their help. All the staff at Dr. Kalidas’ practice has always been professional, welcoming and kind. I would highly encourage anyone who’s been suffering from an unexplainable illness, and has not been able to find answers, to visit Dr. Kalidas’  practice. It may be the answer for you as well.

Thank you, Dr. Kalidas and staff.

N. Conville

6/18 – L.S.

I was rewarded with one of the greatest blessings EVER! Dr. Kalidas and his ENTIRE staff are nothing short of amazing! When I first visited with someone else you guys were nice and sweet. Each person greeted us with a smile and continued to do so each time like each day is the best day ever. Starting with the angel in the front, Mr. Angel, he’s always Mr. wonderful. Then I met Dr Kalidas and his assistant, they were just as great. Dr. Kalidas was very thorough. I didn’t feel rushed or pressured as many doctors make me feel. They helped me gain a better aspect on my life and my health! The ladies in the front were even pleasant; there was not one person who wasn’t. I’ve never had a doctor so compassionate that he/she prayed with me; and our religions are different. Dr. Kalidas then had me get some supplements and I met a ray of sunshine in the supplement room. I had forgotten to ask Dr. Kalidas a question and she had the answer & didn’t need to bother or email him. Once I started the IV therapy I met beautiful lights and rays of sunshine. The ladies in the IV area are pleasant. This is the ONLY establishment I have been to and had not ONE experience that wasn’t great, educational and more. Each visit, for myself or when I’m with others is great, peaceful and I leave with a greater knowledge of my medical, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. I’ve never asked a question and someone had to ask someone else, even if it’s not their specialty. Everyone cares for you like family (actually better than some family members J), I’ve never felt like a patient; and I’ve never been treated like anything less than family/friends. I pray that EVERYONE on this staff, even those I haven’t met, stays and remains blessed and a blessing for us all. You guys get #1 staff award, I couldn’t even choose if I had to. Everyone is great, even the staff I pass in the halls. I will come here as long as I can. I’ve never felt this comfortable with a group as I do with this staff and that speaks volumes because I have serious trust issues when it comes to my health. I love you all!!

L. Scott

5/2/18 – L.H.

Approximately eleven months ago, I was diagnosed with cancer and was awaiting release from the hospital. This was a forth occurrence of cancer for me over a period of eight years. While I believe that I was given good medical care, as I awaited a surgical procedure, I could not help but believe that there had to be a holistic approach to reoccurring cancer. I had no energy, could not drive, and overall was depressed about once again fighting cancer. It was extremely important to me to take a new approach toward immunology. Over the years of treatment, I had surgeries, radiation, and drugs that for a time eliminated the cancer but then it returned. There had to be a different approach that could be taken to improve my immunity alongside the medical treatments recommended by my medical team. So, I did some research and found Dr. Kalidas and The Center For Natural & Integrative Medicine. This was truly a miracle! The approach taken with me was one of healing body, mind, and spirit. Dr. K recommended that we focus on supporting me along with the other oncologists and surgeon. I began IV treatment. In addition, an evaluation was made of my diet, prescriptions, supplements, and health history. My oxygen level is now at 100% after years of asthma. Over these past months, many people have said that I look wonderful, healthy, even radiant. It was discovered through blood work that I have had an ongoing virus over a long period of time that has not been treated. I was prescribed a medication that has addressed that virus. I have been relieved of adrenal fatigue resulting from long periods of steroid treatment. I have so much hope now that I am on a path of healing at so many levels.

The staff at Dr. Kalidas’s office is fabulous. There is such care taken by the IV staff who have been so sensitive to my “poor veins” not so easy to find. They are cheerful, caring, and professional at so many levels. I call them my angels. I have also been given such good nutrition advice and am on a weight loss program that is very successful. It gives me great honor to give my testimonial on behalf of this wonderful team of healing physicians, nurses and staff. I have been truly blessed.

Liz H.


Some years ago, I became very ill. For three years I went to numerous kinds of specialists, undergoing a myriad of diagnostic tests, and no one could give me a correct diagnosis for the constellation of symptoms I was experiencing. After much suffering, getting to the point of being essentially bed-ridden, I found The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine during a google search for alternative medicine.

I made an appointment to see them, and I’m here to tell you that they gave me my life back. Through diagnostic blood work that no conventional doctor ever did (including an infectious disease specialist,) I got the correct diagnosis and in a matter of six weeks, with the correct treatment for the first time in three years, I was able to stay out of bed an entire day. It has been a gradual, but steady journey on my way to complete recovery; however, thanks to Dr. Kalidas, Mike Kehoe, PA, and Dr. Moraczewski, today I’m able to lead a normal life doing the things I used to do.

Dr. Kalidas is kind, warm and very knowledgeable. He listens and acknowledges your symptoms, and doesn’t make you feel like you’re a hypochondriac. I’m also grateful to Mike Kehoe, Dr. Moraczewski, and Paula for all their help. All of the staff at Dr. Kalidas’ practice has always been professional, welcoming and kind. I would highly encourage anyone who’s been suffering from an unexplainable illness, and has not been able to find answers to visit Dr. Kalidas’ practice. It may very well be the answer for you as well.

Thank you, Dr. Kalidas and staff.


12/25/17 – M.M.

Dearest Paula, Synthia and Courtney,

I cannot thank you enough for making me feel so at home in the IV suite. Most of my friends think it’s awful that I come in for treatment 3 times a week, but I tell them it’s the highlight of my week, because I get to hang out with my 3 favorite nurses! I can be having the worst day, but after my IV, I feel like a new person – not just because of the IV itself, but perhaps more because of the friendliness, love and joy you all bring into my life. You 3 are my superheroes! I’m so thankful God has brought you into my life and I will forever treasure your friendship. May you all have a blessed Christmas & New Year!

12/15/17 – J.A.


I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I truly mean it when I say it takes a very special person to do what you do. I have seen way too many medical facilities for a girl my age, but it has given me a lot of perspective. You are, hands down, one of the kindest human beings I have encountered on this journey. You really care about your patients. You remember what I need, even our conversations. You make me feel so much more comfortable and less scared than I thought I would be.

The world needs more people like you. Thank you.


I had a very debilitating illness, which had started to affect almost every organ in my body (heart, adrenals, neurological, muscle weakness so severe I couldn’t get out of bed some days). I had seen over a dozen specialists in two years – including six at two of the best medical clinics in Florida. Not one doctor could figure out what was causing my sudden illness – except to say they thought I had an “undifferentiated autoimmune disorder” (mixed connective tissue). After much research I decided to find a functional medicine doctor (who looks for “root cause” of illness) – and went to see Dr Kalidas. There are very few Internal Medicine doctors in this country who are also Naturopathic and Dr K is one of them. After reviewing all my labs, extensive medical records & reports from all my other physicians, Dr Kalidas diagnosed me within minutes. He substantiated all of it with blood tests, etc. – a breast implant illness and Lyme disease. He referred me to another specialist (a plastic surgeon in Atlanta, Dr Susan Kolb – who has written a book called “The Naked Truth About Breast Implants”). After consultation with Dr. Kolb, I was diagnosed with silicone auto immune disease from my silicone gel breast implants. I am now six months out from explant and nearing the end of my Lyme treatment and am 80% improved. I’ve gotten my life back! I wholeheartedly believe that Dr Kalidas saved my life and that God opened the doors for me to find him. He is one of the most caring & compassionate doctors I have ever known, and I am grateful that he incorporates the best of both natural & pharmaceutical medicines. Yes, it costs a lot to go see him, however I spent thousands of dollars more seeing all the other doctors who ran all kinds of expensive tests trying to figure out what was wrong with me to no avail. I only wish I had found him sooner. Additionally, I have found the cost of the supplements he has on hand at his office to be similar in price with other sources for quality brands (just check Amazon). I am extremely grateful for the excellent care I have received from Dr Kalidas and everyone in his office.

09/04/15 – S.C.

Dear Dr. Kalidas, thank you for today in giving to us the chance to speak with you via Skype. Thank you for your clear opinion in regard the health condition of my wife. Thank you for your great honesty in telling us do not come in Florida because of no great chance to obtain health improvement for my wife. Please note that at this particular moment of my life, any surgeon telling me to come also to the North Pole to return my wife in good health and this just to fulish and “crab” money…for sure I will fall in the trap. You dear Doctor are very honest in telling us to stay in Rome and just to take care of my wife surrounded by the love of her family. God will reward you for your great honesty.
Dear Doctor, if one day you will have the chance or a small chance that a solution to this very unfair and terrible disease is available please let us know because we will follow your guidelines, we trust on you!
Thank you and best regards!

06/26/15 – J.D

There are not sufficient words to express my gratitude for your service rendered on my behalf. The kindness exhibited by each and every member of your staff is such a blessing. I wonder if you know how much this alone distinguishes your practice. The care that I have received is by far the best that I have received – this from one who has visited numerous practices – too many to count.

I have been greatly encouraged by the individualized and effective treatment that you have dispensed and I have renewed confidence that I can recover, despite failure in the past. I waited so long for recovery and I believe that with your assistance that goal is within grasp. Had I only reached your practice much earlier. I feel that we would be celebrating my recovery now. Thank you is grossly insufficient to express my eternal gratitude, but it will have to suffice for now.

05/27/15 – E.N.

My name is E.N I am 75 years old. In December of 2013 I was diagnosed with uterus cancer stage 3. My surgeon suggested to eat well and gain weight because I had to go for chemotherapy and radiation. As soon as my son knew this he said to me “don’t worry we will find alternative medicine” and he started to investigate around the world for other treatments. After a while of deep investigation we decided to go to Germany where they have excellent treatment for cancer but a friend recommended us to see Dr. Kalidas before leaving. To our great surprise Dr. Kalidas had the I-Therm to treat my cancer. According to his suggestion I started with 10 sessions of I-therm to treat a tumor of about 2 inches. When I finished the 10 sessions according to the pet scan the tumor had been reduced to half of its size. Dr. Kalidas suggested 12 more sessions and when I go the pet scan again the tumor had disappeared completely. I was totally free of cancer. No side effects, not feeling bad, not even tired. It was amazing, like a miracle. Thank you Dr. Kalidas for being a doctor that really wants your patients to become well without the chemistry and the poison of traditional medicine. It will always be grateful to you because you save my life. Thank you again,



p.s. my husband has been an eyewitness of my experience with Itherm and he says if he ever came down with cancer he will be going to see Dr. Kalidas immediately.

I consider myself to be very fortunate to have found Dr Kalidas so soon after first being diagnosed with post lyme syndrome. My journey with Dr K and his wonderful team has taken me from being scared to death of what was going to become of me to greatful for the wake up call to what’s really important in my life and the importance of living in the now, learning from past and planning for the future,but not projecting too far ahead.
Looking back now through my journal and calendar entries of the past two years I thank God for so many blessings (perhaps even this lyme was a blessing in disguise) one being Dr Kalidas and two being the staff at the center. I can remember one time I was having a particularly bad emotional meltdown. – one that when you are in the middle of it you realize it makes no sense but have no control over it and cannot stop crying. Maybe it was the stress of trying to keep my whole life from falling apart but I came unglued and called and spoke through my sobs with Nicky who was wonderful and Dr K called me back the same afternoon. They always understood me when sometimes friends and family could not; even I could not. but even more important helped me understand what was happening and I finally also understood that this is temporary and I have the right team on my side to help me do what I need to for as long as it takes to reach wellness. The physical pain is bad but the brain fog was the worst, and finding terrible stories and pictures online scared me, the not knowing what was going to happen to me, that unknown, possible even worse debilitating symptoms, scared me to the point of mental and physical exhaustion. I started writing everything down, I slept as much as my body told me I needed to, I started yoga at home with a CD and I did everything Dr K suggested. I bought the books Why Can’t I Get Better, the Paleo Diet (I had to read them multiple times; I am pleased to say that today I am now able to read an enjoy it like I used to).

In so many ways I am feeling improvements and my family and friends are also noticing. I am optimistic about the future and my continued healing of mind body and spirit; given continuously, the tools and encouragement from Dr. K., but also from searching and trying therapies others with Lyme have recommended from various networking: from an anti-inflammatory soup recipe to stories of recovery.

I feel so very close to recovery now and am now looking forward to what is going to happen next in this journey. I have learned that “down” times” are my body’s signs that I may have “pushed” too far and to give myself a break- to forgive and nurture myself or that a die off is occurring . I look forward to meeting what God has planned next for me and sincerely believe that if the Lord leads me to it, He will see me through it. And that He led me straight to Dr K.
I cannot thank Dr Kalidas, Nicky, Anna Maria, Stephanie, Jessica, Natalie, Jennifer, and Angel enough- and everyone I may have failed to mention. They have succeeded in creating a wonderful environment for support in healing and wellness. And I absolutely owe so many thanks to my mother, my greatest supporter and best friend; my husband, who has seen the worst of it; my daughter, my sisters; and my friends – surrounding myself with a positive support system is an essential part of my continued recovery.


I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease in October 2012 Thankfully, Dr. Kalidas had been my doctor when I had lived in Orlando back in 2006, so when I received this diagnosis from my MD in Miami, I immediately called Dr.K for guidance.

My history: I had grown up m CT and had recently had spent the summers there prior to my diagnosis. Being a nature loving, yoga-girl. I would spend most days playing inthe backyard with my toddler son. That winter. I had the worse flu-like symptoms. reoccurring sinus & ear infections, horrible insomnia and crippling anxiety. By the time we moved back to Miami I was feeling so worn-out with crushing fatigue that I would spend most afternoons on the couch I went to my MD here and told her, this is way more than mommy- fatigue and hoped she had some answers. I also asked her to test me for Lyme D1sease. She looked at me funny saying. “Lyme disease isn’t in Florida”. I told her I was recently in CT and a few of my CT mommy fnends were getting d1agnosed with it. She reluctantly agreed to test me for it, and sure enough that was my diagnosis.

Enter Dr. Kalidas, my guardian angel. We immediately did the lgenix test and all the other necessary testing for co-infections, etc.

Now I don’t like to dwell in the past, and because I am writing this letter to offer HOPE and INSPIRATION. I will make a very long story short.

I did 8 months of aggressive antibiotic therapy. It wasn’t an easy road. but I am GRATEFUL I had Dr. Kalidas in my corner the entire way. I now have my life back, my Lyme has been in remission for 2 years and I live with a grateful heart everyday!

If you are reading this and you have Chronic Lyme and you are sitting in Dr. K”s office, YOU ARE IN THE BEST PLACE POSSIBLE FOR HEALING!

Dr. K will do his BEST to help you in anyway he can, just like he did for me.

A BIG THANK YOU TO Dr. Kalidas and staff for your tireless work. compassion and most of all, your extensive knowledge of healing.

Dr. Kalidas, you are and angel on earth.

* INSPIRATION: During the long and arduous period of treatment and healing; some amazing things happened to me.

I grew spiritually, mentally, emotionally.

I learned acceptance and surrender.

I learned I am not my disease.

As I prayed & meditated, my mind began to quiet down and I became a channel for love to flow through:

I started the Chalk Project. For the last 2 years, I have been chalking messages of kindness and inspiration on local sidewalks. Please visit me at www., on FB & lnstagram.

I started writing Children’s books on love and kindness. Please visit “The Wiblets”, on FB and lnstagram.

If you had asked me a few years ago, I would never have believed life could be so sweet.

Wishing you all Healing, Blessings & Much Love,

03/30/15 – M.S.

My personal journey began May 2014, when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I spent a good four weeks researching and interviewing MD’s, Cancer Treatment Centers, and Integrative physicians. The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine, played a major role in my healing process. For my personal protocol I used the services The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine offered such as I-Therm, Lymphatic Drainage, Vitamin C IV’s and Infrared Sauna, along with supplements to heal internally. A complete blood and hormone workup was also instrumental in establishing a full recovery using no conventional treatments other than for the diagnosis.

March 2015 – I AM CANCER FREE, and while I plan to continue with periodic check-ups and tune-ups with the above services, my health report is glowing and positive. None of these treatments destroyed my immune system, and only complimented all the treatments I received and continue to follow.

I would personally recommend you not being in a rush when you hear the “C” word to destroy your body’s natural immune system, and instead allow your body to heal naturally using the techniques listed above, because it can an will.


Patient had consultation with Dr. Kirti Kalidas on September 17, 2014. Patient had eye pressure in the right eye of 59. This reading shows extremely high inflammation in right eye. Patient had no vision in right eye. Patient began once a week IV treatments for Glaucoma on Oct 7, 2014. Patient had IV ozone on this day and the flowing week on Oct 13, 2014. All the rest IV treatments were IV vitamin C, once a week treatments. December 23 was the last IV Vitamin C treatment last year. The clinic was closed for the holidays and reopened in January.

Patient had eyes checked by eye doctor Feb 11, 2015 the pressure in right eye was 36. Patient had consultation with Dr. Klaidas on Feb 16, 2015 patient resumed IV Vitamin C treatments on Feb 20, 2015 once a week. As of March 27, 2015 according to eye doctor pressure is 28 in the right eye and 14 in the left eye. Patient is able to read 2 more lines of small letters on the eye chart with the left eye. Patient does not have vision in right eye at this time.

In 4 months patients eye pressure decreased from 59 to 28. Pressure in right eye at start of treatment last year was 59 pressure in right eye today March 27, 2015 is 28. This proves IV Vitamin C is an effective treatment for Glaucoma. Patient is continuing treatments. Patient wife gives patient microcurrent treatments at home during the week. IV Vitamin C plus microcurrent equals a winning combination

M.P. – wife of patient H.R.P

02/16/15 – P.L

Subject: P. L Treatment by Dr. Kalidas

Starting about January of 2014 I started having stomach problems. I went to one of the many doctors I was seeing to try and figure out what was going on with me. I was diagnosed with the H-pylori bacteria and was put on antibiotics for this which only made me get worse. I was then sent to the hospital for a colonoscopy, where they found nothing that might be causing me the terrible problems I was having, but yet I was prescribed even more antibiotic, which made my symptoms even worse! I was told by several GI Doctors that H-pylori bacteria didn’t cause the symptoms I was having, but yet I was treated with antibiotics, which I am now confident caused me very serious problems.

I continued to suffer getting worse every day and saw several GI specialists, did several cultured stool sample tests, CT scans and every type of blood work imaginable, but no one could find any reason I was having these problems. With each passing day I just kept getting worse and worse. I was in such bad shape I couldn’t leave my house because I couldn’t be more than a few feet away from a toilet and the pain was unimaginable, so much so I had to take heavy pain killers like oxycodone.

Finally, a friend of mine who happens to be a Bariatric Surgeon recommended that I see Dr. Kalidas. I looked him up online and found that he was an Internal Medicine Doctor before turning to his own practice and becoming a Naturopath Doctor as well. I also did my own research only to find out that Dr. Kalidas is very well known and respected in the medical community.

Dr. Kalidas can give his patients the best of both worlds and that’s exactly what he did for me. He used a combination of prescription drugs as well as supplements that helped to heal me. After being “VERY SICK” for so long, last Friday I went back to one of my GI Specialist and had an exam where I was scoped. After the exam, the doctor told me my ulcer was completely healed and gave me the go ahead to get off the last anti-inflammatory drug I was taking.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Kalidas and how much he did in helping me get my body set up to heal itself. Not only that, Dr. Kalidas was one of the few doctors that would actually talk to me. Imagine that! At one point, I was bleeding so bad, I thought I would have to go the hospital, get put on IV nutrition and not eat for a week to see if it would help. But instead, Dr. Kalidas had me double my dosage of steroids for a few days. This got the bleeding to stop and I think was a turning point in finally starting to get better after many months of getting worse every day.

In closing, there is “NOTHING” in this world more important than one’s health. Therefore, if you have a problem that no one can seem to solve, you owe it to yourself to see Dr. Kalidas.

One final thought:

“My health is my most valuable asset. Without it, I am of no use to my family, loved ones or friends. With it, I can do, be and achieve anything”

Paul Brown


Dr. Kalidas,

I hope this email finds you well, it has been almost 4 years since I was first diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease with multiple co infections. I remember at 25 I was scared to death, and I kept pushing for the diagnosis with other doctors because it was the only thing that made sense to me. Everyone told me I was crazy, depressed, anxious, or stressed out. They told me I had the flu. Or perhaps a cold virus. It’d go away, I’d be better. But I just kept getting worse and worse.

I want to thank you so much for being the person to believe in me and what I was saying to you and taking it seriously. I told you all of my symptoms and you prescribed me multiple anti bacterial medications immediately without getting my Western Blot back yet. Some of the worst symptoms I had disappeared very quickly, and my 2nd appointment it was confirmed I had Chronic Lyme.

I am a big believer in being your own doctor at some point, doing your own research, and finding out the best option for yourself. Especially when you’ve hit rock bottom. I decided I couldn’t live on medications any longer after 6 months and I needed to get my life back.

I went a natural route with homeopathic help, diet, etc. and 6-7 months later I got to a point where it was manageable again. I could live. I could work full time. I could live on my own. I could sleep without being afraid on if I’d wake up or not.

Today I still suffer from 4-5 ongoing symptoms, but I have been medication free for 3 years and have never gone back. And it seems as though my immune system as long as my diet is okay keeps everything in check. Infact, I am newly pregnant. At 9 weeks today. A miracle and blessing that I figured would never happen due to the trauma my body faced with Lyme disease.

I always wanted to come back there and visit you, I always wanted to hug you and say thank you for believing me, for taking care of me, and for listening to me. Thank you for every phone call you returned on the weekend, thank you for answering all of my questions. Thank you for helping me get on the right road to recovery. Without you, I’m not certain where I’d be.

I wish you and your office staff a very happy holiday and happy new year. Again, from the bottom of my heart thank you so much.


Dr. Kalidas and staff,

Three years ago I was in desperate need of a lyme literate doctor. My physician in Michigan was no longer able to treat me long distance. I was in a bad state physically. After much prayer and numerous phone calls to doctors someone gave me your name. I believe this was God’s doing. After meeting you for the first time I was so very impressed with your genuine concern for me. You gave me hope that I could beat this insidious disease. Each consecutive visit we spent time discussing my reaction to the meds and if I was feeling better. Unfortunately more than once we found out I was allergic to a prescription. However in your wisdom you would prescribe something else and I would keep working as staying positive. I never lost faith in your ability to treat me nor in my faith that the Lord would heal me.

Fast forward three years and I am feeling great. I am exercising for the first time in five years. I am no longer in constant pain. I have energy and can sleep through the night. I thank you Dr. Kalidas for giving me my life back. I will be forever grateful to you.

Thank you also to your amazing staff. They are all so king and considerate. Nicky especially was helpful to me time and time again. She is a gem!

God bless all of you as the center for what you are doing for folks like myself who are on a journey to good health.

Much love,


01/11/14 – K, I & S

Dear Dr. Kalidas and Staff, Miami Nov 2014

There is no way we can ever thank you for being such an amazing doctor. You have encouraged me through the tough times and the good ones. You have always been honest, patient and caring. We are extremely blessed to be taken care of by you. My whole family is. You have taken extra special attention of Siena and Ian as well as me. Thank you so much for the phenomenal work you do by helping others heal from this horrible Lyme disease.

There are few who cross our path of life that remain forever in our hearts. One who comfort, care and concerns has been an unyielding part.

As I continue on with my fight in the journey of life. I want to thank you for your contribution in making mine and others future bright, with hope that one that you will help find the cure for this disease.

You are our Dr. Charles R. Jones from Florida remember! Will be waiting for you with wide open arms in Bolivia!

Thank you and god bless you and your family.

From an extremely grateful family,

K, I and S

01/08/14 – M.D.

Dr. Kalidas, Mike Kehoe & Staff

Just wanted to thank you all for being a loving, caring practice while I have been under your care. I have never had a doctor I actually enjoyed going to before! You were all super accommodating, very professional yet personable to the point I call some of you my friends.

My wife, my kids and I are relocating to Massachusets this week (yeah, I know, the epicenter of Lyme….stupid) and I will be taking on a practice I’ve been to before. In the four years or so I ‘ve been here I have learned so much about myself and have gained so many tools. I am so appreciative. A special thanks to Mike for spending so much time with me and going out of the way to help me own the problem. I’ve never experienced a physician like you. Thank you! Natalie, Jenn, Nalita, Laurie, Anna & Lyndsey. You guys are awesome. Love you all, will miss you and will stop by sometime on a visit to say hi!

04/03/14 – D.H.

To All:

Before I found Dr. Kalidas online, I was at my wits end on what to do about my failing ankles. The podiatrist told me that I had ligament laxity in both ankles and the only thing that might alleviate my pain was to have a triple arthrodesis on my right ankle, fusing three bones and then when that was over, I had to have the left side done. The pain was unbearable. I went to the Mayo Clinic and they told me the same. I did NOT want the surgery.

I did research and found that Prolozone can help ligaments. I came to Dr. Kalidas and asked him if the Prolozone Therapy might work for me. He told me that he had never done ankles but was willing to see if it would help me. Dr. Kalidas studied my ankles, refreshed himself on the anatomy and gave me the shots.

I cannot thank Dr. Kalidas enough for helping me. My ankles have been 99% pain free for 3 years. I may do another round in a few years but right now I don’t need it. Prolozone really helped me and the Dr. was willing to go the extra mile. Dr. Kalidas is a kind and caring man. I am going to bring my brother in for Prolozone on his knee. If my SI joint ligament does not get well, then I will see about that as well. Prolozone works.

To Dr. Kalidas: Thank you sir, thank you. Prolozone works and you are wonderful.


02/15/13 – M.M.

To write about my health experience with Dr. Kalidas is a true delight. I have been his patient since summer of 2011 and my health has improved in so many ways.

I originally sought Dr. Kalidas out after finding him on the internet. I was seeking someone who offered Prolozone shots-for myself, and for my husband. The shots helped my husband’s left knee miraculously. He could not climb stairs, ladders or even walk for any real length of time. Considering that he’s 80 years old, that’s not so serious but he was seeking a non-surgical solution. He found it! He was back to playing tennis, walking on the treadmill for several miles and just generally enjoying life quite a bit more.

The first step for my health with Dr. K was prolozone shots in my lower back; I have had several surgeries in the low back and now have severe arthritis, combined with degenerative disc disease in that location. The prolozone shots did relieve my pain to a fair extent. And now, months later, that effect is still noticeable. Then, because I had no energy, no enthusiasm-lots of symptoms such as diagnosed fibromyalgia, pervasive osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and pre-diabetes, Dr. K recommended some specific blood tests and a provoked urine test to ascertain the causes of this general malaise. I was thrilled that he was so concerned and attentive to my needs. I was 64 at the time and not ready to be “old” and unable to enjoy my previously active way of life.

The blood tests revealed several physical deficiencies-low vitamin D, and low hormone levels, noticeably. Those were taken care of with supplements and prescriptions. A much bigger issue was the level of heavy metals in my system. I had 10 metals that were significantly over the reference levels. Three of them were almost off the chart! Surprised by these extreme results, Dr. K strongly recommended a program of IV chelation. In early January of2013, I finished the treatments and we redid the provoked urine test. The results are very positive-all of the metals that were problematic were quite lower-some as much as by 50%.

Better than the numbers is the difference in the way I feel. I would say that the fibromyalgia is gone-as Dr. K predicted; from the beginning he diagnosed the fibromyalgia as a side effect to the metal toxicity. My arthritis is generally better as well. Most importantly, I have more energy, have fewer aches and pains. I have more enthusiasm, fewer clouds in my head. I feel much more like my old self-and am more able to enjoy my hobbies-gardening, tennis, walking.

My physical self has benefited significantly from Dr. K’s medical care and the additional expertise of an integrative doctor. But almost as important, Dr. K’s care and concern not only validated my physical issues, but supported my emotional needs as well. Rather that being treated like just another patient, I was made to feel important and was buoyed by the gentle environment, by the gentle attention of all of the staff and Dr. K himself. The causes to my symptoms were addressed, rather than just masking the symptoms.

I am so very happy to have found Dr. Kalidas-I am on a path to restoration and health. Thank you, Dr. Kalidas.



07/19/12 – R.M.

I was a Physical Education Teacher for 31 years. Somewhere along the line I injured my left knee which became more painful each year. Finally, in 1990 I had arthroscopic surgery. This procedure helped me for a number of years, but as I aged I found that I could not walk up or down steps without holding onto a rail and even then I would take a step down, or up, and then bring the other foot to it. More importantly, for me, was the fact that I could not run while playing tennis. This really bothered me. About a month ago I found out about Dr. Kalidas and prolozone shots. So far I have had two injections and miraculously am playing tennis without favoring the knee and am walking up and down steps as a person without damage would. Again, to me this is a miracle.


02/12/13 – S.D.

Dear Dr. Kalidas,

I wanted to thank you for helping me getting closer to health. I am feeling much better, have more enery and feeling stronger. I have been able to do more than I have in many years.

Thank you for sticking with me, guideing me and giving me hope.

Sending love and blessings,


08/01/12 – J.G.

I was in pretty sad shape when I came to Dr. Kalidas’ office about 16 months ago. I had been diagnosed with severe uncontrolled hypertension. I could feel within myself that my body was beginning to shut down.

I had been beaten up by the conventional medical system for several years before that. When three other doctors had tried to control my symptoms by prescribing a variety of medications that were not working, they eventually gave up and refused to treat me at all. They all left me with the idea that it was my fault.

That situation only added to my stress and was not helping the problem. I had gone from doctor to doctor and medication to medication for years with things just going from bad to worse. The outlook was bleak. On the bright side,I have a lot of faith and I believed that God would make a way for me where there was no way.

I had come to the conclusion that at this point, I had to help myself. I had a variety of medications fractioned up in various doses which I kept with me at all times. I had three blood pressure cuffs so that I could have one with me everywhere I went. Even so I was missing a lot of life. I tried to keep my environment as stress free as possible. I missed a lot of times with my grandchildren.

After giving me a variety of tests right off the bat, Dr. Kalidas found that the underlying cause was a very high toxicity level of lead in my body. No one had looked into that before.

I started a program of IV treatments designed to draw out the lead. After all this time, enough of the lead has been drawn out of my system so that my body has been able to heal itself. I eat a very good gluten-free diet high in vegetables. A few days ago, all of my blood work came back with normal results. I still take medication but my blood pressure is normal most of the time now. I have started to do water aerobics 3 x a week.

There is still more lead that has to come out, and I know that things will only get better as time goes on.

Praise God for leading me to Dr. Kalidas. He made a way for me where there was no way.


07/18/12 – J.G.

My journey to better health began with prayer. I had been going to doctors through the years that had treated me for high cholesterol, heart murmur, and hormonal problems. These problems were never cured. Last May I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and told that if I didn’t wear the mask I would die in 5 years. I tried to wear the mask, but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t sleep because I was afraid I would stop breathing.

One morning about 3am, I was praying and God told me to call a woman from my church. I did and told her what was going on. She gave me Dr. Kalidas’ number. I called and made an appointment. From the first appointment, I knew that God had directed me to the right doctor. Dr. Kalidas and his staff took the time to find out my issues and started right away with tests and supplements that would cure not cover up my problems.

I no longer suffer from sleep apnea. My cholesterol is good. My heart murmur is gone. My hormones are where they are supposed to be and my energy level is so improved.

I feel great that thank God, Dr. Kalidas, Dr. Moraczewski, and the staff.


07/12/12 – A.S.

I have no words to express my gratitude to you and your Prolozone Therapy!!! I drove 100 miles with the idea to just consult you. I basically was walking in excruciating pain in my knees and left using a walking cane. I have seen doctors of conventional medicine in the past to no avail. Well, what a surprise I encountered with you! By the time I drove the 100 miles back home the pain was gone!!! My knee inflammation went down and that was the first night I slept soundly without being woken by pain. Six shots later and I’m 90% good in my really bad knee and 100% good on the other knee with just 3 shots!! Thank you, Dr. Kalidas, for giving me back my life. I will be able to dance again!!! P.S. Thank you too to your staff!! They are wonderful and very caring. The Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine is worth the drive!!!!

03/15/12 – A.D.

Dr. Kalidas and his team of experts are nothing short of heroes! I am a 26 year-old Lyme disease patient whose words cannot describe how amazing these guys truly are! Let me start with a little back story to validate why I and so many others feel the same way about Dr. K. and his staff.

About 1 year ago, I was living in Brooklyn, NY and caught a simple cold. The cold lasted for a few days, as most do, and then I was fine. However, about a week later, the “cold” returned and transformed into a nasty sinus infection. I tried all sorts of remedies, medicines, and even antibiotics. Nothing seemed to work! I even began to develop very bizarre symptoms. Dizziness, inflammation, brain fog, panic attacks, and even out-of-body sensations. My health was deteriorating so rapidly that I had to move back home to Orlando. During this time, I visited just about every doctor in the area and was prescribed various medications, most of which made my symptoms even worse. Finally, one doctor prescribed prednisone to fight the inflammation, but it ended up landing me in the hospital for a week instead. The entire week, teams of doctors worked hard to come up with a diagnosis, but they were unsuccessful. When I explained my symptoms to one of the doctors, he looked at me like I was crazy and said “I don’t understand how that’s possible” and left the room. Finally, they discharged me saying that I was just experiencing panic attacks. The worst feeling in the world was leaving that hospital feeling even worse than when I arrived, knowing that there was nothing more they could do for me. I suffered through my debilitating symptoms for about 6 months, slowly losing hope of ever feeling well again. Then, my luck began to change when I went to see Dr. Kalidas.

After one visit with him and Dr. Kehoe, I finally had a diagnosis. It was Lyme disease. Immediately, Dr. Kalidas recommended certain herbal supplements to help detoxify and support my immune system, and literally within days of taking them, I was feeling back to normal again. I still cannot believe that after months of suffering and going from doctor to doctor and hospital to hospital, all it took was one visit with Dr. Kalidas to lead me back to health again . Now, I can gladly say that I am well on my way towards recovery.With that said, I just wanted to add an enormous Thank You to Dr. Kalidas, Dr. Kehoe, and everyone at The Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine for literally saving my life. This whole experience taught me just how wonderful it feels to be healthy, and you guys were all part of making it happen. You’re the best!!!


I would like to congratulate The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine on the newest member of your team, Dr. Thomas Moraczewski. I have been a patient of Dr. Moraczewski for the last 6 years and, like many other residents of Okaloosa and surrounding counties, will miss him dearly. Unfortunately, our area will be left without an innovative, forward thinker in the field of Gynecology and Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Moraczewski has helped me and many other patients navigate the world of hormonal balance with ease through bioidentical hormones, and nutritional supplements. As a 47 year old, I can honestly say I haven’t felt this good since my early twenties! I look forward to a continued doctor/patient relationship with Dr. Moraczewski through The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine.

01/28/11 – L.P.

Dr. Kalidas was an answer to prayer for my health journey. I had been to many doctors trying to get help for a long time. They knew something was wrong but not able to really pinpoint it and help me. My cake has been in the oven for a long time too long of a story to share the list of symptoms I suffered. I was tired and really over it and wanted to give up. Alternative care had helped me get through but not really a 100% and I did not want to do lots of drugs.

Dr Kalidas bridged the gap my health needed. He was willing and able to do the labs that I needed to tweak my health problems. After my first evaluation I had energy to get through the day before I was just pushing through. Labs revealed all my hormone imbalances and we got that balanced and he prescribed the natural ones for my problems. My husband got his wife back and I got my life back. Dr Kalidas you are the icing on the cake.

11/16/11 – E.B.

I’m a 47 year old woman, but felt twice my age. I was completely exhausted, suffered fatigue and had no energy. The brain fog was awful, and at times I thought I was going crazy. It was virtually impossible to function at work and care for my family. Some days just getting out of bed was excruciating. I was really scared and I knew something wasn’t right. Dr M suggested a saliva test, and found my cortisol levels were “flat lined.” My levels were so low, barely detectible, and hardly measurable on the chart! I followed Dr M’s treatment plan for severe adrenal fatigue. After just 3 months of supplements, my cortisol levels improved drastically. The results were astounding and my cortisol levels are absolutely perfect. I feel great!

Breast cancer is a huge concern for me due to family history. Dr. M recommended an estrogen metabolism test, to see how estrogen is metabolized in my body. Needless to say the results weren’t good. Dr M talked to me at great length about organic foods and supplements, and I immediately began taking complex B’s, TMG, curcumin, magnesium and vitamin D as he suggested. He also explained in detail the benefits of bio identical hormones, how they’re the closest to the body‘s natural production, and absolutely essential for brain function, metabolism and overall health. My hormone levels were so low, basically I had no estrogen in my body, contributing to early osteoporosis. Dr. M assured me the bio identical hormones would only replace what my body was lacking. It was a choice of just living, or choosing quality of life. After beginning bio identical hormones, I feel better than ever, emotionally and physically, and I can’t imagine life without them.

I have been a patient of Dr M since I was 26 years old, most of my adult life. His compassion for his patients, gentle mannerism, and dedication to health and well being is remarkable. I trust Dr M completely … he has made such an impact in my life and my health. He has given me quality of life again, and for that I am so very grateful.

11/15/11 – V.M., RN

I can’t express the full extent of my gratitude to Dr. Moraczewski for essentially changing my life. His expertise with bioidentical hormone therapy is a gift from God in my opinion. I went through menopause and experienced all of the classic symptoms from this normal change in a woman’s life several years ago. I rejected traditional hormone therapy because of many “scary” stories that I had heard. At the time I didn’t realize the full extent of the changes my body and mental health had undergone. I just made excuses for not having energy and feeling in a “funk” all of the time.

Dr. Moraczewski took the time to do a thorough examination and work up on me. After receiving the results he explained the benefits in depth of bioidentical hormone therapy since my body was essentially not producing any hormones. Upon his recommendation I started the therapy and could not be happier with the results. My mood and energy level surprisingly elevated. With this change I even had the motivation to return to the nursing world. I had let my registered nursing license lapse while I was raising my children. I took the necessary steps to reinstate my nursing license and began working in the operating room, which I loved to do when I was much younger. I have now been working for about three years, attaining much satisfaction from this rebirth.

The therapy is very simple and easy to perform. It consists of gels and creams that are topically applied twice daily. The benefits that I have reaped from these simple steps are immeasurable. I have become a cheerleader for bioidentical hormones and highly recommend at least trying them under Dr. Moraczewski’s supervision.

Dr. Moraczewski is a very caring and devoted physician. He is extremely gentle and understanding. At every visit he makes me feel special, taking a keen interest in my life and especially my health. Dr. Moraczewski is definitely the BEST!!!!

11/15/11 – P.K.

I am a retired school teacher and had quit going to doctors because I was always told I needed to put prescription drugs in my body to reduce my many symptoms. I have seen what prescription drugs can do to individuals. My mother who is currently 94 took a prescription drug for many years that has made her skin so thin that she bleeds at the slightest bump. I took a drug when I entered menopause which was taken off the market due to side effects. In 2009, I was referred to Dr. Moraczewski because I was tired, stressed, with thinning hair. I was told I’d have to wait 3 months to get an appointment because he was such a great doctor. It was certainly worth the wait. Dr. Moraczewski actually sat and talked with me for about an hour, explained hormone assessments and bio-identical hormones for my special needs. He also discussed the importance of good nutrition in my diet and encouraged me to take nutritional supplements. Dr. M took such a special interest in making sure I understood everything I needed to do and I left his office with a saliva test kit and information on nutritional supplements he felt would benefit my body.

After a complete nutritional analysis and some minor tweaking of supplements, I am at optimum performance. I don’t ever remember feeling this good. I know I must have when I was young. I feel great, I have a lot of energy and I’m going back to college like the young person I feel that I have become!! Thank you so much Dr. Moraczewski. Orlando is getting “The Best” doctor and I plan on continuing to be your patient. I was so depressed when I read that you were leaving, but then I thought I just have a few more hours to drive and continue to be your patient. Thanks for your thoughtfulness, your care and concern for me and all the other women whose lives you’ve touched in this community. I doubt that many will miss you because we’ll be coming your way by the bus load!

11/11/11 – Dr. R.A.

I am 56 years old and have been menopausal for the last 10 years. For a long time I tried to manage my symptoms of menopause with OTC medicines/supplements and a lot of well meant advice/remedies from family and friends. HRT had been out of favor by this time. Four years ago I got lucky. I had a chance to have a consultation with Dr. Moraczewski after learning that he is not only treating symptoms of menopause but is addressing the total health and well being of women my age.

Dr. Moraczewski took the time and patience to explain the nature of bio-identical hormones and their benefits. He also stressed a healthy lifestyle combined with various supplements as needed. His knowledge and professionalism is impressive. After comprehensive testing and discussing my symptoms, Dr. Moraczewski determined which bio-identical hormones and supplements would best benefit me. The results were amazing, and the positive effects of the treatment were felt both physically and emotionally.The most significant differences were an increase in my energy level and less of that “doom and gloom” feeling. Periodically, I am tested for my levels and sometimes my prescription needs to be”tweaked”. I look forward to these follow ups with Dr. Moraczewski because I know he will continue to impart new information that can further help me. He is a teacher at heart with a kind and caring mannerism.

Words are not enough to thank Dr. Moraczewski.

11/8/11 – C.B.

I am a retired childbirth educator and ex OB nurse. I am 64 years old . I was 46 years old when I entered menopause and began the regular hormone replacement therapy but after a dozen years I weaned myself off them. I heard about the bio-identical hormones when I was in Fort Walton Beach (2004) and heard Dr. M. speak about them. I was not faithful to continue them.

In 2008, I saw Dr. M for help. I was a nutritonal nightmare. I was recently widowed and my diet consisted of 20 cups of coffee, cottage cheese and tomatoes, tuna out of a can, skim milk, non fat yogurt, ice cream and low calorie TV dinners once in a while. I may have managed to eat a banana. I had 4 years of stress in dealing with a sick husband and very poor diet.. I also got very little sleep, but managed to keep up the 25 mile/week running. Dr. Moraczewski was never shocked at this diet nor did I receive a “you should know better comments”. He was quite the teacher in explaining how stress was ruining my body including the coffee! I was placed on thyroid supplements which have been tweaked over the last 3 years to a comfortable dosage. What a difference these have made in my life especially in not feeling sluggish and cold all of the time.

This past summer (2011) I took his course on nutritional aspects in all areas of life. This was the best ever. He was able to explain to the audience the values of prevention , diet control and how what we eat does affect our bodies. Space cannot allow me to go over all of what he taught, but I rate him 5 stars on his teaching. He actually made bio chemistry of foods enjoyable.

I had a complete nutritional analysis done and I am now correcting a few deficiencies such as B2. serine and zinc. He sent me a complete analysis of the report and how to correct the deficiencies. Also, I went back on the bio-identical hormones and feel so much better!! I have no night sweats and sleep much better and have improved my diet greatly. I have run 2 long distance road races. I even was able to do 11 miles on my treadmill in 1 hr. 57ins.

Dr. M. also advised me how to correct my stress level using laughter and music as my blood pressure would soar at the thought of my husband’s death to 170/70. He treats the emotions, also. What a great doctor to be able to handle women’s issues with such compassion. For me I am so much better. My classical piano playing has even improved because I am taking a supplement he recommended for memory. After 7 years of stress I am finally de-stressing my life through proper balance of body, soul and spirit. In summary he is a great teacher, and doctor who individualizes his care for each person. Five stars for him. His telephone interviews and discussions are great, also.

11/7/11 – C.R.

My name is Carolynn Riddle. I am a retired obstetrical nurse and office manager of a dental practice. I entered menopause at the age of 46 and began the traditional hormone replacement therapy – which helped for awhile.

I then began to experience side effects but was unsuccessful in my attempts to wean off the HRT drugs.

I heard Dr. Moraczewski speak on natural nutrition and bio-identical hormones while vacationing in Fort Walton Beach, FL. in 2004. I contacted him and after a thorough hormone assessment, he prescribed bio-identical hormones to address my specific needs. What a world of difference! Dr. Moraczewski explained in detail how bio-identical hormones are the closest to the body’s natural production and the importance of nutrition for a woman of my age, including vitamin D, calcium, and thyroid replacement if necessary. Dr. Moraczewski has an ability to teach and his communication skills are excellent. As he also is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, his expertise is understanding a woman’s psychology as well as her physiology at all ages.

5 STARS ***** for his wonderful “bedside” manner.

5/18/11 – S.H.

Dear Dr. Kalidas,

I want to let you know how much I truly appreciate you. When I came to see you in November 2010, I had been very sick for a long time with chronic pain and tiredness. I drove 2 hours to see you because I had been to several doctors in my own area and was told by three of them that I would just have to get used to living with the pain. I was trying to find someone who could help me since I kept feeling worse.

You and your staff spent 3 hours with me on my first visit. You sent me off to get many tests and blood work done. My previous doctors had not sent me for any of the tests and only a few of the items on the blood test had been tested.

A few days later, I went for the abdominal ultrasound. The doctor there told me my gallbladder looked bad and would need to be removed. He told me to go to the emergency room if I had a lot of pain there. Normally, the doctor where you get the ultrasound won’t tell you results, but he was worried I wouldn’t go to the hospital if I didn’t know what was going on.

After a trip a week later to the emergency room, and a meeting with a surgeon, my gall bladder was removed December 3, 2010. The surgeon said if I had waited a couple of more days, it would have burst and I would have been in the hospital for weeks with a massive infection. After sending my gall bladder off for testing, the surgeon told me I had been living with gall bladder disease for many, many years.

At my second visit with you, you went over all the test results and determined that my adrenal glands were one step away from shutting down completely, which was probably caused by the gall bladder disease. All of that probably caused the fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. This was good news for me, because now there was hope my body would heal and I would feel better.

I have been following your recommendations and treatment plan for about 6 months now. While I am not totally better, I feel considerably better. I believe that I will keep getting better and have a lot of hope for the future.

I will never be able to thank you enough for saving me a lot of pain and weeks in the hospital with a burst gall bladder. You probably saved my life. I know many people die when their gall bladder bursts. I am so thankful when I think about all the time I would have missed with my family if I had died back in November. I look forward to continuing to be your patient as I journey back to health. I no longer feel alone as I try to get better.

1/28/11 – L.P.

Dr. Kalidas was an answered prayer for my health journey. I had been to lots of doctors trying to get help for a long time. They knew something was wrong but were not able to really pinpoint it and help me. My cake had been in the oven for a long time. Too long of a story to share the list of symptoms I suffered. I was tired and really over it and I wanted to give up. Alternative care had helped me get through but not really to 100% yet; but I didn’t want to do lots of drugs either.

Dr. Kalidas bridged the gap my health needed. He was willing and able to do the labs that I needed to tweak my health problems. Just after my first evaluation I had energy to get through the day; before, I was just pushing through. Then, more labs revealed all my hormone imbalances and we got that balanced and he prescribed the most natural ones for my problems.

My husband got his wife back – and I got my life back. Dr. Kalidas, you are the icing on the cake!

2/11 – H.R.

For the last almost 4 years of my daughter, Teri’s, very complex illness, we have been to more doctors, practitioners, and hospitals than I can even count. It’s probably close to one hundred, if not more. Dr Kalidas has been our support doctor through all of this and I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate and respect him and how helpful, encouraging and supportive he has been.

But I also wanted to point out to you that your nurse Lyndsey, is one of the best people I have encountered in the medical profession. She is so helpful and efficient and a truly caring person. It is very obvious that, unlike many others in the field, this is more than a job to her and she goes above and beyond with the care she gives her patients. We are so blessed to work with her and have nothing but praise for her general attitude and efficiency on the job.

I know often times you only hear from patients about the negatives, but I wanted to point out how impressed I have been with Lyndsey.

Thank you to your entire staff for all the wonderful care you have given Teri and me for the last few years. You guys rock!!!

12/3/10 – L.M.

Dear Dr. Kalidas:

I am writing to you to express my most sincere appreciation for all the help and guidance I have received from you and your staff since I have been a patient of your practice. Over a year ago, in September of 2009, I arrived at your practice with high cholesterol, pre-hypertension, digestive issues, muscle pain, overweight, amongst other things. Today, thanks to your vast knowledge and your balanced approach to health and healing, my cholesterol is under control without medication, my blood pressure is naturally under control, all my other ailments are gone and I am in the best physical condition I’ve been since my twenties. I feel my body is working on all “cylinders” and my immune system is strong, which is very important because of the very demanding aspects of my job. I will be forever grateful for your dedication and commitment to truly treat patients and not “numbers”, for taking the time to listen to my concerns and not simply writing a prescription and sending me home, thank you!

11/3/10 – W.E.

Starting in 2002, my health began a rapid decline (I was 22 at the time – I’m 30 now). It took me 5 years to be diagnosed with lyme disease, babesia, bartonella, and erlichiosis infections. By that time, my body and immune system were in bad shape. After treatment for the number of things my body was fighting, my energy and health drastically improved but I still wasn’t close to feeling like normal.

I saw Dr. Kalidas in February of 2010. Based on test results, he told me to completely cut out gluten (not just cut back on it). I had cut it back before but not noticed a difference. I thought it would be impossible to cut it out completely. But on the doctor’s orders I did, and about 1 week later I woke up and wondered what in the world was going on and why I felt so good. It had been probably 7 years since I felt so good.

Some of the symptoms I had been experiencing were severe depression, sadness, headaches every day, sometimes migraine headaches, extreme fatigue, skin problems, irritability… etc. I was shocked that cutting gluten out of my diet practically eliminated those things, and that what I was eating could affect my mood so drastically.

I’m on a tight budget – I don’t buy many of the “gluten-free” foods, because they tend to be more expensive. Instead, I just have more veggies, fruit, rice, beans, potatoes, meats, and nuts.

I didn’t notice a difference in how I felt for over a week, but then it was like a switch was flipped and I felt amazing. It was so strange to feel happy again. I still have to be very careful not to have any gluten (even having a pill that had wheat starch in it made all my symptoms come back for three days).

If the doctor suggests going gluten-free, give it a try. You could have your life back!

10/1/10 – P.F.

Dear Dr. Kalidas,

I would like to thank you so much for your absolutely amazing Prolozone injections for my frozen shoulder/tom rotator cuff. I am 100% recovered and pain free thanks to the Active Release Technique therapy treatments I was able to undergo to break up the encapsulation. It would have been impossible for me to break up the capsules with the excruciating pain I was in prior to the injections you gave me. All conventional medical treatments for over 8 months were unsuccessful with me. After two procedures under anesthesia, my shoulder again “refroze” or encapsulated, creating more pain than I could bear. After weeks of no sleep, I had my first injection and left your office significantly pain free. Although it took 3 injections over 3 weeks, I was able to step-up my physical therapy treatments and was totally pain free in just over a month.I can’t thank you and your staff enough for all your caring concern and those awesome Prolozone treatments!!


P.F., Clermont

11/28/07 – K.O.

As a last resort, I had brought my young son to see Dr. Kalidas a few years back. He was seeing a psychiatrist, he was threatening suicide, and he was on heavy medication (either Zoloft or Paxil). Dr. Kalidas did wonders with him. Within a few weeks I had my son back! So it was no surprise that when my health started to spin out of control I went to see him myself.

My health took a turn south when I herniated a disk in my lower back, then I started having horrible pains in my lower back and hips, then arms, neck, feet, hands, etc. My teeth started to move as well. I was given several steroid injections in my back which while it eased the pain temporarily, I developed serious spasms at all hours of the day (worse at night). I was hospitalized suddenly for internal bleeding caused by ischemic cholitis, which affected my stomach terribly. I was hospitalized again for severe pain all over my body, low blood pressure, high white blood count, the doctors couldn’t find anything conclusive.

I started seeing a Gastro Interologist, a Rheumatologist, a Pain Specialist, a Chiropractor, and my General Practitioner. The Gastro Interologist and the Rheumatologist gave me so many medications to take, on top of what the hospital sent me home with for pain management. My hair was falling out in chunks, I couldn’t sleep, I was having muscle spasms, and my family was very worried. I was stressed out, crying a lot, and very upset about losing my hair.

I went to see Dr. Kalidas in March 2007 and I told him that I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Ischemic Cholitis, Arthritis, etc. I was spending a fortune in time and money and I still wasn’t well. Dr. Kalidas did several tests to help us get our arms around the problem. He did a food allergy test, hormone tests, etc. He put me on several natural supplements and helped me to understand my food sensitivities. We changed my diet, and made tremendous progress in just a few months. I continue to improve daily and I feel like I’m now equipped to manage my health. I have my life back, my family back, and ME back!

11/16/07 – J.H.

I am a 42-year-old business executive suffering from mild stomach/intestinal issues with accompanied bouts of facial sores and lesions. The facial sores would range in areas and would take long periods of time to heal. I was plagued with this for nearly a decade. I had countless visits with varying family physicians and internal medicine physicians. Most visits revolved around my facial flare-ups and treatment was usually antibiotics either oral or topical-sometimes both. Each flare-up was extremely upsetting to me as it was embarrassing, compromised my work relations, severely influenced my confidence, and left me with an overall feeling of helplessness.

I continued to press the physicians I was seeing. Eventually, I was referred to a dermatologist. The dermatologist initially suggested it was Rosacea (a facial skin condition), but bouts continued despite targeted treatments. While still experiencing a new facial lesion approximately one every three months, antibiotics were a common treatment. They ran a battery of blood tests ruling out autoimmune and sexually transmitted diseases. The dermatologist soon told me that I was “just prone to skin infections”. I switched dermatologist searching for someone to diagnose me so I could overcome this-my flare-ups were becoming emotionally compromising and difficult to hide. A new dermatologist referred me to a prominent regional teaching institution for evaluation, more testing, and even biopsies were conducted on my facial lesions. However, all results were negative. In what seemed like an act of desperation, the dermatologist referred me to Dr. Kalidas’ practice. The dermatologist said-“you need to be prepared to pay for this yourself without insurance/financial assistant”. I agreed-because I too felt desperate.

It was noticeably different with Dr. Kalidas from the beginning. He spent an hour with me on the initial office visit; something no physician in the past decade has ever done. He listened so intently. I felt relieved just to share all I had been through. He took detailed notes and offered his viewpoints along the way. I was skeptical though-I was now paying cash to a physician that probably would be no better at solving my problems then the previous decade worth of office visits. Dr. Kalidas said he wanted to conduct a series of tests to obtain a comprehensive view, so he could isolate my problems. I was again skeptical-and the financial burden made it difficult. I pleaded with Dr. Kalidas to conduct each test, one by one, to save money and rule things out as we go. He insisted on the comprehensive approach. I succumbed, as I desperately wanted to be on a path for healing as quickly as possible. I was at the end of my rope on this. I remember he promised me he would have my issues solved before Christmas. I didn’t believe him. However, I did quickly and diligently participate in all the various tests.

When my tests results came back, Dr. Kalidas sat with me and reviewed them in detail. One of the tests detected a low cortosol level. I also had some toxicity issues. I was placed on supplements from Dr. Kalidas’ office to cleanse my intestinal system and to restore appropriate cortosol production. Within months-I was symptom free!!! I couldn’t’ believe it. This was life changing for me! No facial lesions, no intestinal cramping, no issues! It was a mini-miracle for me. I am so grateful to have been referred to Dr. Kalidas. His approach is calming and reassuring, his diagnostic investigation is diligent and comprehensive, and his expertise is simply invaluable. This is how visiting a physician should feel.

8/1/06 – A.Y.

I was brought to the Emergency Room due to blood pressure of 190/104. I was admitted in the hospital the same day and 2 more admissions after that (May 28 and June 3, 2005) for the same reasons. On May 28, 2005, I had a BP of 220/130 and was brought to the hospital via ambulance. Many tests were performed in the hospital including a treadmill stress test, echocardiogram, a nuclear stress test, MRA of renal arteries, and an angiogram of the abdomen with renal run off. All test results came out negative. I was discharged with essential hypertension diagnosis. I was given diuretics and I lost 14 lbs. in a few days. I became very sick. I had bad reactions to the different medications prescribed to me. Ten different kinds of blood pressure medications were tried. I was practically bed ridden for 7 months, with no energy, and suffering from a lot of symptoms. I heard about hormone saliva testing so I had it done in August 2005. The results showed that I have abnormal rhythm of cortical hormone (stress hormone). I showed the results to different doctors, including an endocrinologist, whom my primary care doctor referred me to. I was so disappointed that no one came up with any intervention.

In November 2005, I received the Orlando Magazine in the mail, which had a publication on best doctors. I saw the information on Dr. Kalidas so I made an appointment right away, unfortunately the first opening wasn’t until December 7, 2005. Once I saw him I was relieved that he had an understanding of what was going on with my health. He knew the significance of my hormone saliva test results. He started me right away on Ashwaghanda capsules and did more tests. December 20, 2005 I saw my primary care doctor and she noticed my big improvement. She said, “that’s’ the was to go, natural when nothing else works.” The test results showed that I had heavy metal toxicity. Chelation was started January 19, 2006 and after the third chelation therapy I felt much better. I was able to go back to work in February 2006.

I have been through a lot of trials and challenges in life but this was the first tie that I got scared. I got scared because I felt I was literally dying and no one could tell me what was wrong with me. I didn’t loose hope and trust, and continued to pray. My family and friends also continued to pray for my recovery. I thank god for the positive answer. God led me to Dr. Kalidas who also believe in prayers and has the answers to my health condition.

Now, I have my energy and am back to my daily activities. I thank God for my caring family and friends, Dr. Kalidas and his staff.

1/18/08 – J.H.

I have struggled with my health for many years. I was diagnosed with depression in 2000 and even with counseling and drug intervention, I still struggled with constant fatigue. I felt like I did not have the energy to participate in life. After my children began treatment at The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine, I decided to see if they could help me with my depression. I was started on a regimen of neurotransmitter support and some vitamin imbalances were identified and addressed. I returned 6 weeks later. Dr. Kalidas was shocked that I was not feeling any better. We sat down and discussed my entire medical history. The body aches, the occasional skin rashes, the mental fog, the long list of orthopedic struggles, the unexplained but thoroughly investigated chest pain, the tendonitis, the bursitis, the hair loss, and the hormonal imbalances etc.. This laundry list of medical issues we had named “Julie Factor” because it seemed like I had one problem after another. Dr. Kalidas put the whole history together and saw the possibility that these were all related. He ran new tests and discovered that I have Chronic Lyme Disease. Strangely, this diagnosis was a gift of hope. I was so relieved to know that I had one illness not many seemingly unrelated struggles. I did not have to live in fear of what would be wrong next. While treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease is a long difficult battle, I am making great progress. I will no longer be limited by my lack of energy or pain. I know that Dr. Kalidas has not only saved my health, he has given me back my life.

My daughter has always been recognized as a very bright child and yet she was struggling in school. She was a very poor reader and didn’t seem to understand basic explanations of new concepts. She often seemed at a loss as to what she was supposed to be doing. We tried various therapies and interventions and made some progress but could never understand why a child this bright struggled in so many areas. Finally our quest for answers brought us to The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine. Dr. Kalidas saw her struggles as symptoms of a bigger issue. He uncovered the cause of these symptoms. She had high levels of lead in her system and some minor food allergies. Now that these health issues have been addressed, I have a daughter who can be anything she wants to be. Her academic performance is much better. She is not only catching up to her grade level, but she is excelling. She can complete her homework with ease. She no longer has tutors and therapies after school but has art club and soccer practice. Her “learning disabilities” are cured. She is now a confident child who has no limits on the future she chooses. She truly can be anything she wants to be.

When we discovered that my daughter and I both had lead toxicity, we decided to have my son evaluated at The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine. He was a great student and top academic performer. However, he was a child who struggled to adapt to change. He could not adjust to anything unplanned. Much energy was spent on keeping his world as predictable and planned as possible. Emotionally he was either happy or furious, and when he became furious he would shut down and withdraw. After being treated, he is now a very well adjusted child. When something unexpected or upsetting occurs, we see him experience appropriate emotion and then move forward. He can keep life’s challenges in perspective and deal with them in a positive manner. He has become more spontaneous. While he is still academically gifted, he commented to me that it is “amazing how easy it is to remember stuff now”. we have also noticed a change on the athletic field. He has always been very athletic and competitive. It seems like his scope of vision has expanded as he can see the play develop and quickly adjust to the challenges.