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5 Signs You May be Entering Menopause

One of the inevitable things that every woman must cope with in their life is menopause. Most women begin menopause around age 50 to 55, although some women enter menopause as early as 35 depending on certain health conditions and genetics. Menopause is caused by hormonal changes due to aging, which is inevitable and will happen eventually. There are some signs that you are entering menopause and need to consider hormone replacement therapy.

Irregular Periods

Before your periods actually stop, they will become highly irregular. Even the most regular of women will find themselves facing unpredictability with their periods just before menopause. You may have periods more frequently before they become less frequent. This irregularity in periods can last months or even years before you are fully into menopause.

Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

As your hormone levels change and menopause encroaches, your body’s internal temperature fluctuates considerably. This leads to hot flashes and night sweats. A hot flash is when your body suddenly becomes flushed and it feels as though heat is radiating from within you. Night sweats are when your body’s internal temperature rises so significantly during sleep that you may soak the sheets in sweat.

Mood Changes

Hormone imbalances such as those that come with menopause often lead to mood changes. You may notice that your mood swings wildly from up to down and back up again. You may find yourself crying out of the blue, or find yourself in a particularly irritable mood. Mood changes are often one of the definitive signs that you are entering menopause.

If you are entering menopause and are starting to see the signs and symptoms, contact our offices today. We work with your body’s natural processes and use natural hormone replacement therapy to help you cope with the effects of menopause.

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