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Chronic Lyme Disease: Why You Need to Find a Doctor Who Believes You


What Is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is a dangerous condition that can be transferred to humans through deer tick bites. This sophisticated bacteria quickly reproduces and uses its complex survival mechanisms to take control of the body. Most doctors treat Lyme disease with a round of antibiotics, but it’s now understood that this illness can reemerge after treatment and cause even worse symptoms.

The early signs of Lyme disease include a bullseye pattern rash around the location of the tick bite, fever, chills, body ache, headache, neck stiffness, and swollen lymph nodes. Untreated Lyme disease – and even treated Lyme disease that recurs after antibiotic treatment – causes symptoms like severe joint pain, numbness of the limbs, impaired muscle movement, severe fatigue, and heart problems.

Why Doesn’t Your Doctor Believe You?

Far too many patients are told by their doctors that they don’t have Lyme disease, to the point that it’s become known as “the illness no one believes in.” Most doctors believe that one round of antibiotics can successfully kill the bacteria and eliminate Lyme disease, but a growing number of sufferers claim that their symptoms returned after treatment.

This condition is now known as post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome (PTLDS). Some men and women have experienced PTLDS for more than 10 years, but few doctors believe in the validity of the illness since its symptoms are inconsistent and science has yet to uncover exactly how the disease functions.

Finding a Doctor Who Understands Lyme Disease

If you have spent months or years suffering from symptoms that no doctor can properly diagnose, you deserve to see a specialist who understands the potential for Lyme disease or PTLDS to disrupt your body functions and diminish your quality of life. You need a doctor who pays close attention to the growing movement to identify such a multi-systemic disease for what it really is.

At the Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Kalidas strives to become your partner in health with an integrative approach to your health. Dr. Kalidas will evaluate your systems by considering your whole person and prescribe treatments that don’t just hide your symptoms but actually optimize your immune function, decrease illness, and enhance positive outcomes for your health.

Call (407) 537-0912 to make your first appointment today and begin the journey to liberate yourself from Lyme disease.

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