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Diet and Cancer Co-Management

If you are battling cancer, you are well aware of the way that cancer and its treatments can make you feel. Often cancer treatments can make you feel worse than the cancer itself. With natural medicine, you can combat the effects of cancer treatments to feel your best during this trying time. One of the best ways that you can help keep yourself healthy during cancer treatments is to monitor your diet.


Cancer and its treatments tend to cause malnutrition. This makes having a good healthy diet of the utmost importance. You need a diet that will be stacked with nutrients that your body needs to fight the cancer and keep you otherwise healthy. Malnutrition can lead to further health complications if it is not addressed.

Your Cancer Diet

When you are battling cancer, it is important to get as many nutrients as you can while you are undergoing treatment. You will want to make sure that you manage your diet without processed foods and limiting or omitting sugar and certain fats. Most of the food you take in should be high performing fruits and vegetables, as well as lean meats. During cancer treatments, it is normal to lose your appetite. It is important that what you do eat is packed with the nutrients your body needs.

Cancer Co-Management

We specialize in cancer co-management, working with your oncologist and medical team to give you the best natural care possible. Since appetite is often a problem, we will help you devise a diet that will compliment your cancer treatments. We will also develop a nutritional supplement program for you to make sure that you are getting the nutrients you need even if you are unable to eat.

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