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Immune System and Coronavirus Long-Haulers

The medical world is seeing a new mystery arise in the aftermath of the initial damage caused by COVID-19. Some patients – months after their initial infection – are still feeling exhausted, experiencing pain, and struggling through “brain fog” that has made returning to work incredibly difficult. 

Researchers are trying to figure out how people experiencing post-infection problems might find relief. The cause of this mystery might lie within each individual’s immune response.

COVID-19 and the Immune System

While COVID-19 tends to attack the lungs first, it’s not strictly a respiratory illness. The virus’ main target is the ACE2 receptors in the body – which can be found throughout the body, not just in the lungs. This causes damage to the immune system, which is a response that is commonly caused by viruses.

Of course, this weakened immunity can lead to problems of its own. However, researchers have been fascinated – and concerned – by an opposite reaction seen particularly in younger people (generally between 20-50 years old). The immune system is almost “overreacting” to fight off the coronavirus, leading to chronic inflammation and various uncomfortable and frustrating symptoms that last far longer than the initial infection.

These coronavirus “long-haulers” often find that their initial symptoms are less acute – even mild – when they are first infected. Perhaps this is caused by their initially strong immune response. However, as time goes on, the inflammation remains. 

Some call this a “misguided” immune response, leading to chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, joint pain, and more. In contrast, a “correctly guided” immune response would focus solely on creating the antibodies in response to the antigens present on the virus’ surface.

Coronavirus Long-Haulers and the COVID-19 Vaccine

In short, a “misguided” response results in overall inflammation and lots of activity in the immune system, while a “correctly guided” response focuses on defeating just the coronavirus itself. This is why some people believe that coronavirus long-haulers might find relief after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, which encourages the body to create the necessary antibodies to fight off the virus.

In theory, receiving the vaccine could “reset” the immune system back into its correct response by encouraging it to create these antibodies. However, this theory is unconfirmed. Every long-hauler who receives the vaccine won’t necessarily experience this type of relief.

Immunity Assistance

Whether you’re looking to fend off the contamination you encounter daily, or you could use some assistance in working through chronic pain and fatigue, there are many effective ways to give your immune system the extra boost it’s looking for.

At The Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine, we help people with chronic inflammation symptoms through our healing-focused IV nutrition and boost immunity through ozone autohemotherapy every day.

As the founder and medical director of The Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine, Dr. Kalidas’ goal is to help people cater to their medical needs through exciting supplementary technology. Contact us online to learn more about the ways that you can begin your journey to feeling your best.

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