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Infrared Sauna for Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue can be a debilitating disease that can cause persistent fatigue for over six months, accompanied by headaches, joint pain, memory/brain fog, muscle pain, stomach issues, and immune system problems. Those who suffer from this condition consistently get told by mainstream medicine that there is no solution to their pain and exhaustion.

Aside from being told to eat right and exercise, there are not many well-known treatments available. Enter the Infrared Sauna. This sauna is unique because it is able to heat up the body in order to produce sweat and release an exceptional amount of toxins. It also dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow. This type of sauna is impressive in that it is able to produce sweat while maintaining a heat that is less than that of a conventional sauna, making it more relaxing and having some astounding effects.

How Does the Infrared Sauna Impact Chronic Fatigue?

In a study published in Internal Medicine, they tested to see whether patients with chronic fatigue who used an infrared sauna daily would reap any benefits for their chronic fatigue. The patients each sat in the sauna for 15 minutes, then laid down in bed under a blanket for the next 30 minutes. On average, not only did patients report that their fatigue went from a 6.7 to a 4.8, but that they also had a decrease in anxiety and depression. Further, the participants reported that they were better able to carry on their daily life. According to the study, there were also no unfavorable side effects from using the sauna. These are very encouraging results for a condition that does not often see much in the way of relief.

Next Steps

At the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine, we strive to help support you, your body’s natural healing, and your nutrition. There are multiple treatments that we offer to help combat the debilitating nature of chronic fatigue, including the infrared sauna. So, if you are interested in exploring your treatment options for your chronic fatigue, call (407) 537-0912 to make your first appointment.

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