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Ozone Therapy For The Immune System

Around 3% of Americans are immunocompromised, which puts them at a heightened risk for illness and disease. But, even if you don’t fall within this 3%, a poor night’s sleep, less-than-ideal nutrition, or even a night of heavy drinking can weaken your immune system. 

When your immune system doesn’t work at its best, sickness is more likely to disrupt your schedule. Additionally, even a minor infection can have serious consequences when your immunity falls short. 

Ozone therapy is one solution to low immunity that’s worth considering. It’s not a miracle pill or strict diet – instead, ozone therapy introduces medical-grade ozone, a form of oxygen, into your body. This provides a host of health benefits, including immune support, increased circulation, and decreased oxidative stress. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of ozone therapy for the immune system. 

How Does Ozone Therapy Affect The Immune System?

Ozone therapy can benefit the immune system in a few different ways, including:

Infection Defense

Ozone therapy can curb the development and survival of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This may be in part due to ozone’s effect on cytokine production. 

Cytokines are different substances that certain immune cells release for various functions. Some cytokines stimulate inflammation, some provide antiviral benefits, and some prevent tumors – the list goes on. Ozone therapy increases the production of various cytokines, which ultimately boosts immune function and helps the body ward off all types of infections. 

Autoimmune Support

Autoimmune conditions occur when a patient’s immune system attacks their own tissue by mistake. Unfortunately, these conditions are often difficult to treat. Ozone therapy can help with autoimmunity by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, as well as regulating cytokines. 

At The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine, ozone therapy is one of the treatment options that we provide as part of an integrative approach to wellness. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more!

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