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Signs That You May Have a Thyroid Issue

The thyroid is a small endocrine gland located at the front of the neck. It produces two hormones, T4 and T3, which control your metabolism. 

Unfortunately, thyroid problems are relatively common. In fact, about 20 million Americans have a form of thyroid disease, and as many as 60% of those individuals aren’t aware of their condition.   

Keeping an eye out for possible signs of a thyroid issue can help you get the care that you need. Some of the most common of these signs include:

Rapid Heart Rate

Hyperthyroidism can cause a high heart rate. With this condition, the thyroid produces too many hormones, potentially leading to increased blood pressure. As a result, patients may experience a heart rate that’s consistently higher than 80 beats per minute. 


Hyperthyroidism also sends the message to your body that it needs to work harder. As your body kicks into high gear, you may experience feelings of anxiety and nervousness, as well as hyperactive thoughts. 

Weight Changes

Unexplained weight loss or gain is an early sign of thyroid issues. Weight gain indicates poor thyroid function, while weight loss indicates an overactive thyroid. In either case, the weight change typically occurs quickly, with no explainable cause. 

Changing Body Temperature

If you frequently feel cold or overheated, you may have a thyroid problem. Hypothyroidism can lead to feeling cold, especially in the extremities. This occurs as a result of poor circulation from poor thyroid function. On the other hand, hyperthyroidism can lead to sweating and hot flashes.

Disrupted Sleep

Individuals with hyperthyroidism may have trouble falling asleep. This occurs because the overactive thyroid sends messages to the body to remain in high gear, even when it’s time for bed.

The experienced medical professionals at The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine can help pinpoint thyroid problems and provide the treatment that you need to feel like yourself again. Schedule an appointment today!  

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