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Specialized Testing for Diagnosis of Root Causes of Symptoms

One of the biggest problems with medicine today is that doctors want to focus on symptoms and diseases while ignoring the underlying causes. For every symptom you are prescribed a medication. While preventative medicine is important and does encompass some medical testing, it is not the same as addressing underlying causes of medical conditions. 

For example, you may be overweight. But what is causing that condition? Do you have a thyroid disorder? A metabolic disorder? Perhaps you have other underlying factors such as a hormonal imbalance that prevents you from losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight. Some doctors would just tell you that you need to go on a diet and exercise program, but we will conduct a wider variety of testing and specialized testing not offered in conventional medical practices to understand and treat the cause for your obesity.

There are many more examples of how testing can pinpoint the root causes of problems. Some medical conditions themselves are actually symptoms of a deeper problem. Without treating the root problem, the symptoms are never going to fully abate. 

We understand that the body’s systems are all interrelated, and some medical conditions can be caused by underlying problems. For that reason, when you visit us for any medical condition, we will recommend functional medical testing to help us determine where your problem areas lie. Often, once the root cause is known, personalized treatment plans can be developed to minimize or eliminate your symptoms.

If you have not been feeling your best and you want to know more about why, contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.

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