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Three Reasons to Have a Primary Care Doctor

Whether your primary care doctor is an internist, practices functional medicine, or practices natural medicine, you should have one on your speed dial. Having a primary care doctor isn’t just a requirement of most health insurances, it is also an important part of your healthcare journey. Here are three reasons you should have a primary care doctor.

Early Detection

Often early detection of an illness or medical condition means easier treatment and more treatment options. Frequently, if a condition is caught early, it can be completely resolved quickly and easily. Even if the condition is chronic and something you will live with for years or the rest of your life, early detection is important for adjusting to lifestyle changes and treatments.

Point of Contact

Your primary care doctor is your point of contact for all of your medical needs. He or she will issue referrals if you need to see another doctor or a specialist. All of the specialists you work with send copies of your records to your primary care doctor. Your primary doctor will often be the one to catch medication interactions and other potential issues because they have access to all of your records across the board.

Health Insurance Incentives

Your health insurance likely requires you to have a primary care doctor. Sometimes the primary care doctor’s name will even be listed on your insurance ID card. Health insurance companies also give incentives for completing your annual physical or meeting certain health goals, which can only be achieved by going to a primary care doctor.

If you don’t have a primary care doctor and you are interested in a complete natural and functional medicine approach, contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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