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Three Surprising Conditions Treated with Supplemental Nutrition from IV Therapy

It makes sense that you would try to increase your vitamin and mineral supplementation if you are experiencing an illness such as a viral infection, flu, or even a common cold. It also makes sense to use this IV nutrition to boost your immune system, decrease fatigue, and to combat malnutrition from illness. There are many health conditions that also benefit from IV therapy that you may not have considered. Here are just three.


There are several different forms of hepatitis, but it is essentially an inflammatory condition of the liver. All toxins and chemicals that go into your body are processed in the liver. If you can flush these toxins from the liver and provide it adequate vitamins and minerals, inflammation can be decreased, relieving symptoms.


Although there has been more research done in the last decade, doctors still aren’t really sure about what causes fibromyalgia or how to treat it. Most doctors are completely in the dark, treating patients as best they can with the information available to them. Some doctors and researchers have found that supplementing with certain vitamins and minerals could decrease symptoms and flares.

Upper Respiratory Conditions

Often IV therapy can help improve symptoms of a variety of upper respiratory conditions. Upper respiratory infections can be fought off with an infusion of Vitamin C and other elements of nutrition. Allergic rhinitis or chronic sinusitis can also be improved with IV therapy.

If you are ready to try IV therapy to treat your chronic or acute illness, contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.

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