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Ways Athletes Benefit from IV Therapy

Did you know that athletes of all types swear by IV therapy as a part of their performance recovery? We offer several IV cocktails that will improve athletic performance, speed muscle recovery, and give you a natural energy boost. Even if you are not a professional athlete, you can easily enjoy these benefits as well.

Ways athletes benefit from IV therapy prior to workouts

There are IV therapies available for before athletic activity, after your workout, or on your recovery days. Prior to a workout, the two most important things you need to worry about are hydration and energy. Hydration keeps your muscles from cramping, and chronic dehydration can lead to kidney damage. One IV cocktail can take care of both with a basic Vitamin C boost.

Improved muscle recovery

When you get IV treatments after your intensive workout, you need to rehydrate and give yourself energy to get through the rest of the day, but you also need some nutrients to help the muscles rebuild and prepare for the next workout. These include amino acids, the building blocks of protein that make up your muscle tissue.

Boost energy levels

Anyone of any activity level can agree that IV therapies boost your energy levels considerably. An IV treatment with vitamin C and rich in B vitamins is going to give you a quick energy boost that will last throughout the rest of the day and beyond. Best of all, these treatments can boost your immune system so that you can stay healthy.

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