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Weight Loss: A Mind and Body Transformation

Weight gain and obesity can be an underlying factor in a number of illnesses and chronic conditions. More than any other country, America has a weight problem. At least 30 percent of all adults in America are overweight. If you are overweight, you are not alone. But the problem needs to be addressed in new ways for lasting and healthy weight loss.

Dieting is Only Part of the Answer

We understand that weight loss is a challenge. We focus on the whole body and mind for a complete transformation that will help you lose fat mass, maintain muscle mass and teach you lifestyle changes to keep the weight off for good! Our program includes weekly body composition measurements, Lipotropic MIC/B12 injections and infrared sauna treatments. Intravenous therapies that replenish vitamins and minerals can be the jumpstart to weight loss as is balancing hormones.

Transforming the Body and Mind

True, lasting weight loss requires a transformation of the body and mind. First, you must change the way you think about weight loss and food. Changing your thought patterns about your extra weight and the foods you eat can help you make lasting changes.

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