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Why You Should Ditch Fad Diets and Go for a Medically Sound and Assisted Weight Loss Program

Fad diets: there always seems to be a new one on the scene, boasting new methods of losing weight fast. Whether with the help of a miracle weight loss pill, extreme dieting measures, or cutting out entire food groups, fad diets are always exaggerated and lacking sound evidence. An assisted weight loss program backed by legitimate medical research is a more effective tactic for reaching your ideal weight — let’s explore why. 

Identifying Fad Diets

If you need help identifying fad diets among the plethora of nutritional information available today, look out for these clear signs:

  • Allegedly leads to fast, instant, or easy weight loss
  • Disproportionately focuses on a single food, like grapefruit
  • Claims that exercise isn’t required
  • Hinges solely on “magic” weight loss pills or supplements
  • Has strict rules or recommends extreme dietary restriction 

Why Do Fad Diets Fall Flat?

Fat diets typically advocate for eliminating, combining, or focusing exclusively on specific foods. While some people may need to remove certain foods from their diets for allergy reasons, humans benefit from well-balanced diets. Fad-diet claims aren’t rooted in science and aren’t backed up by enough credible evidence to be dependable. 

While you may lose weight on a fad diet, this weight loss will be short-term. Strict calorie restrictions that are often found in fad diets aren’t sustainable; in fact, these restrictions are often unsafe for many people. By restricting your diet, you’re likely missing out on vital vitamins and nutrients, which can decrease your overall health.

Fad diets with severe food restrictions also open up the possibility of binge eating. Restrictive diets can make you feel hungry, low-energy, and shaky. These symptoms can lead to binge eating, in which you eat a large volume of food in one sitting. Binge eating typically leads to weight gain. So in the long run, fad diets can actually sabotage your weight loss efforts. 

Medically-Sound, Assisted Weight Loss Programs

With the help of the integrative physicians at The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine, we address hormonal and thyroid imbalances, food sensitivities, and toxicities that may impede your weight loss goals. You will learn about the best, healthiest, and most effective methods for reaching your ideal weight. As experts in integrative medicine, our professional staff will help you follow a long-term weight loss program that’s designed to work with your body. By developing healthier habits and adopting sustainable, evidence-based weight loss practices, you’ll not only lose weight, but also maintain your healthy weight into the future. 

To learn more about assisted weight loss programs that are rooted in medical evidence, contact us today. 

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