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Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic DrainageUntil recently, the most underrated part of the circulatory system was the lymphatic system.  This system is responsible for managing the elimination of toxins from our body; functioning as the body’s primary immune defense and is the body’s primary waste elimination system.  It is primarily responsible for carrying disease-fighting material to cells attacked by germs, transporting the dead germs away and supplying protein plasma fluid back to the heart.

When this system is blocked, infectious-fighting material is prevented from destroying germs and we become defenseless against virus, fungi, and bacteria.  Cell nourishing material is prevented from reaching the blood system stream.  The end result is that germs grow, our blood loses needed protein and infectious diseases can set in.

Lymphatic blockages can result in a swelling at the lymphatic node junctions.  Dr. Fauci, from the NIH Allergy and Infectious Disease Center, stated in a recent AIDS study:  “This condition results in providing a breeding ground (especially for the HIV virus) for pathogenic material.  The lymph system acts as a reservoir of infection, churning out billions of HIV-infected immune-system cells that eventually spill into the blood stream, where they travel to other parts of the body.  Much later, after enduring years of viral proliferation, the immune system begins to falter, and infectious disease marches in.”  Studies reveal that “up to ten times as much virus may reside in the lymph system as in the blood.”

Manual massage methods have been utilized to aide in lymph drainage and do a good job of opening the surface lymphatics.  However the tradeoff is that the deeper lymphatic   channels, such as the thoracic duct and the cisterna chyli, can become more stressed and engorged with displaced lymph, which can be detrimental to the improvement we are seeking.
Lymphatic Massage

Our Integrative Approach

A complete evaluation and comprehensive review is completed for each patient.  Together we will explore your goals and discuss your treatment plan options.

A therapeutic technological device called BELD Bio Photonic Lymphatic Drainage Treatment is a new Paradigm in Wellness Care. We are the ultimate in cellular cleansing by utilizing the body’s Lymphatic System. Our proprietary LED technology is designed specifically for removing blockage efficiently from the Lymphatic System.  It is utilized at the Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine to promote decongestion, restore fluidity and maintain nutritional balance to the entire lymphatic system.

Through a combination of energetic technologies, the BELD is capable of repolarizing proteins throughout the body.  When the polarity of the blockages is reversed, the material slowly erodes and safely flows out through natural channels, providing relief more efficiently and effectively.

The BELD has been shown to improve breast lumps, inflammations, chronic pain, joint aches, allergies, sinus pressure and infections, respiratory problems, headaches, prostate problems, hormone imbalance and chronic female conditions, dental trauma, heavy metal toxicity, neuromuscular, immune and fatigue syndromes.

Lymphatic Drainage is valuable as part of a weight loss and detoxification program. It aids in moving toxins through the lymphatic system and they are excreted from the body through urine.

What Does a Treatment Feel Like?

Typically, each session lasts an hour. A customized treatment is done on the first visit. On subsequent visits more attention and time can be devoted to areas of stagnation. This is a non-invasive safe technique and relaxing, as the probe is used to move the lymph along. Most patients do not experience any side effects. Some patients that are toxic and sick, may find that they feel worse the next day, but then report feeling better the following day. Drinking lots of water is encouraged as this helps the detoxification process. Sometimes, doing a 30 minute session in the infrared sauna following the lymphatic drainage may be recommended for you.

Our team at The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine will regularly monitor your progress and track the effectiveness of your program making adjustments if necessary. Our goal is to support you and advise you every step of the way. We work in conjunction with your existing doctors to ensure the best possible care.

If you feel you may need help, please call our patient coordinator at 407 355 9246, or request an appointment online for evaluation and testing.