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Top Reasons to Visit

#1 You Prefer to Use Natural Substances

If you want to live long and feel good, you need to lead a clean and healthy lifestyle and put natural and healthy things into your body. An integrative physician can help you design a practical diet and choose the natural remedies that are best for you.


#2 You Want Your Natural Health Information to Be the Best for You

Integrative Physicians are extensively trained in all aspects of natural therapies. They are the recognized experts in their field. You may find that although other health care providers may offer limited advice on natural supplements, the advice of a thoroughly trained expert who knows your individual needs is far superior.


#3 You Want to Make Informed Decisions about Your Health

Integrative physicians are not the second opinion from another doctor with the same training that the first doctor had. We have a completely different philosophy and set of therapeutic methods. The typical user of alternative medicine is highly educated and wants to make their own decisions based upon personal experience.


#4 You Are Confused about Contradictory Health Claims

There are so many health claims in advertising that it is mind-boggling. Take for instance a few common food items: Is red meat bad? Is chicken good? Is butter bad? Are carbohydrates bad? Which diet book is right for you? The best answers to these questions for your particular needs are often very different from the latest diet book or study, and might surprise you!


#5 You Are Concerned about the Side Effects of Drugs

An unfortunate fact about commonly prescribed drugs is that, although they may be effective, they have undesirable side effects, which can be more severe than the symptoms the drugs were designed to cure!