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Lareece Gee Long

Lymphatic Drainage

Lareece Long – Lymphatic Therapy

Lareece specializes in Bio-Photonic Lymphatic drainage, energetic therapies, and as a wellness consultant for the Medical Marijuana and Cannabinol (CBD) Industry.

The Lymphatic System is the base of the Immune system and the Energy Highway in the body. It is responsible for cleaning the entire cellular environment and bringing oxygen directly to each cell.

The B.E.L.D. ™ System utilizes a “Light Wand” that is most efficient in breaking down protein blockages (which cause discomfort, disease, and death) by eliminating Hypoxia, which is a severe lack of oxygen at the cellular level.

Cleansing the Lymphatic System using the B.E.L.D. ™ System is the easiest way to address the protein blockages from, toxins, chemicals, additives, stress, negative thoughts, actions and feelings. Every disease known is caused by these protein blockages in the Lymphatic System. Our proprietary LED technology is designed specifically for removing protein blockage efficiently from the Lymphatic System.

Lareece has developed a long standing relationship, with Dr. Kailas and the family at the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine, where she attends to her own clients, as well as referrals from other physicians within the office.  She is honored and shares a strong belief in offering hope, healing for the mind, body, spirit and emotions.

She is a student of life whose journey has allowed her to successfully, partake, demonstrate, research and observe, a variety of healing modalities.  Lareece enjoys her work and is known for coaching others into achieving their desired outcomes.