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Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation

Ultraviolet Blood IrradiationWhat Is Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy?

This therapy has many names such as Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UVBI), Photoluminescence, Hematologic Oxidative Therapy, etc., and was first used in the 1930’s to combat the polio virus.  Ultraviolet light has been used as a disinfectant for many years.   It is well known that ultraviolet radiation is used to purify water and treat sewage.  So it too can purify and clean the blood of contaminations in the form of germs.

The most dramatic effect of ultraviolet irradiation is the stimulation of the immune system and various enzyme systems.  UVBI therapy raises the resistance of the host and is therefore able to control many disease processes.  A fundamental effect of UVBI is to energize or enhance the biochemical and physiological defenses of the body bythe introduction of ultraviolet energy into the blood stream. When a small quantity of blood is treated with ultraviolet light, the immune system is activated to “attack” either cancer cells or invading organisms.

UVBI Ultraviolet Therapy has many similar effects to Ozone Therapy. UVBI Therapy is a medical therapy where the blood is exposed to Ultraviolet UVC light as it is removed from the patient’s body, and then reintroduced to the patient’s body. Some of its effects are:

  • Inactivation of toxins
  • Destruction and inhibition of growth of bacteria
  • Increase in the oxygen combing power of blood and oxygen transportation to organs
  • Activation of white blood cells
  • Immunostimulation of cellular and humoral immunity
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Increased tolerance of the body to chemotherapy and radiation
  • Decreased viscosity of blood
  • Cardiovascular protection
  • Powerful anti-infection properties
  • Improved microcirculation
  • Decreased platelet aggregation

What Disorders and Diseases Are Treated by UVBI Therapy?

According to the Foundation for Blood Irradiation, Inc, UVBI has been found useful in treating:  Viral infections, bacterial infections, inflammatory conditions, and circulation conditions.

UVB Ultraviolet Therapy has few (if any) side effects and the beneficial effects are long lasting. It is easily combined with other medical therapies and is economical, dependable, and gentle for the patient.