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Areas of Expertise

areas_picYour first office visit will typically last 60-90 minutes. We ask that you set aside 2 hours of your time. Your 2 hour long comprehensive consultation visit with us will be a valuable investment you will make toward your health.

To have the energy and feeling of well-being from being truly healthy will enable you to lead a more productive, happy and satisfying life which we all aspire towards. You will have the expertise of Board Certified Internists, Naturopathic Physicians, nutritionists, nurses, lifestyle coaches and supplement specialists and that will address every aspect of your healthcare needs, so you can be a healthier you.

Natural and Integrative Medicine Approach

Our approach is a truly integrative one. We strive to find and address the root cause and offer safe and natural alternatives along with conventional pharmaceutical interventions when appropriate.  Our treatments and protocols are all individualized. Specialized laboratory testing may be ordered to understand the root cause, and then a patient specific plan is created with your practitioners. Lifestyle changes and nutrition are key to all of our programs.


General and food allergies and intolerances testing food avoidance, menu planning, and nutritional counseling

Anti-Aging & Longevity

Bio-identical hormone replacement blood, saliva and urine testing for all male, female and other hormones-estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, cortisol, growth hormone, melatonin, vitamin D men’s and women’s sssessment panels osteoporosis screening and nutritional support. Fitness and exercise counseling Telomere testing for biological vs. chronological age testing for genetic disposition to diseases and cancer and targeted nutrition to turn these markers on or off.

Cancer Co-Management Therapies

Nutritional and herbal support to nourish and energize the body. I.V. Vitamin C, glutathione, amino acids to build muscle testing for genetic disposition to cancer and nutritional solutions

Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue, Fibromyalgia

Testing for cortisol, hormones, chronic infections oxidative therapies including hyperbaric, ozone, ultraviolet blood irradiation detoxification support

Detoxification Therapies / Heavy Metals

Testing for heavy metals, environmental, plastics, PCBs, pesticides. Oral and I.V. Detoxification programs- 3,7,21 and 30-day programs I.V. and oral chelation liver support with oral and I.V. nutrition infra-red sauna, lymphatic drainage

Diabetes/ Heart Disease

Comprehensive and extensive blood and specialized testing for biomarkers of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cholesterol. Nutritional and herbal support. Cholesterol lowering and heart health protocols. I.V. Chelation

Gut Health, Candida

Testing for candida, food allergies and intolerances, IGG and IGE. Nutritional support to heal the gut membrane, balance the intestinal flora

Headaches, Migraine

Vitamin, antioxidant and mineral testing neurotransmitter testing and balancing nutritional support-correcting deficiencies

Hormone Replacement

Blood, saliva and urine testing for all hormones as well as addressing thyroid dysfunction. Optimizing with bio-identical hormones and going beyond just “normal”

Immune System Disorders, Autoimmune Disease


Lyme Disease, Immune Dysfunction

Testing for lyme and chronic diseases oral and I.V. nutrition and antibiotics support with detoxification and rebuilding the immune system ozone therapy

Nutritional Support & Counseling

Nutritional consultations- oral and I.V. Supplementation and herbal support diet and menus aids – gluten free, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian, special diets. Testing for vitamin, antioxidant and mineral deficiencies, gut flora, candida, stomach acid

Osteoporosis & Arthritis



Prolozone for chronic pain nutritional support

Prostate Conditions


Sleep, Anxiety, Depression, ADD/ADHD

Neurotransmitter testing and balancing. Optimizing hormone and melatonin levels addressing foods, sugars

Weight Management, Exercise Coaching

TLC Therapeutic lifestyle changes teaching how to eat and exercise correctly for the rest of your life