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Top 3 Reasons Fad Diets Fail at Weight Loss

Have you tried and failed at diets in the past? Most people who struggle with their weight have tried several different diets trying to lose and keep off weight. Often even when these diets work and weight is lost, the [...]

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3 Ways Intravenous Nutrition Can Help You

You may have heard of intravenous nutrition or IV nutrition therapy. IV nutrition therapy is not a new concept, but it is one that has been more fully embraced in recent years. IV nutrition therapy involves IV drips of nutrients, [...]

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The Hormone Symphony: Hormones for Men

There is a lot of talk, even among men, of the hormonal changes in women as they age. Yet many people do not realize that many men also suffer from hormone changes later in life. Hormone deficiencies in men can [...]

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The Hormone Symphony: Hormones for Women

The human body is a symphony of hormones. You have hormones responsible for your growth, your reproductive system, and your metabolism and digestion. Aging brings a natural reduction in production of hormones in the body. Recreating the hormone symphony with [...]

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