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Core 240c


Comprised of highly bio-available forms of 5 minerals, 2 vitamins, and an amino acid, in a unique formulation combined to support core aspects of human health, including the immune system.* With the exception of calcium that forms a major part of our bone structure, most of the minerals in the human body are present in relatively small amounts, but their importance to human health cannot be overstated. The trace minerals in Core™play critical roles as co-factors in a myriad of enzymatic pathways.* Although most minerals are available in foods we eat, deficiencies can occur from a number of causes including environmental factors, injury recovery, genetics, stress, medications, overexertion, athletes demanding high performance, aging, diets, bacterial infections, and lifestyle differences. Core™ is an additional source of important trace minerals and other nutrients.


Vendor: BioPure USA

Size: 240 capsules