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Bio-communication: New Test Allows Your Body To Talk Back To Science

In the pursuit of better health, mankind has constantly developed instruments to allow doctors and health care specialists a better look at the human body. Before a cure, a therapy, or even prevention can be effective, diagnosis must be perfect.

Diagnostic Keys to Health

Microscopes, x-rays and blood tests are all ways to “talk” to the body. Discovering what the body needs to thrive is a great first step in choosing supplements, medications, treatments of every kind.  Now, there is a tool that lets your body talk back!

Now, in the computer age, comes Zyto, a diagnostic device ,which allows your body to communicate exactly what it wants and needs through high powered software. Those needs are called “biological preferences” and the “talking back” respose is called Bio-communication.

How Does The Test Work?

1. The patient places his or her had on sensitive pad that looks like an oversized computer mouse, called a “hand cradle.”

2. The Zyto sends the body systems an energetic pulse called a virtual stimulus item (VSI.)  (Don’t worry, there is no pain involved.) VSIs are representative of many bodily conditions, organs, drugs and nutrients, which can all be measured and recorded in the way you react by galvanic skin response. (You might have heard of Galvanic Skin Response before, in reference to lie detector technology. )

3. Zyto measures the shifts in GSR and identifies information for making decisions about your health choices.

4. The hand cradle is the “tip of the ice berg,” because it is only the device for interfacing with the computer. The computer, through the use of specialized software, will issue reports on various insights and findings.

Then you and your health care specialist will be empowered to personalize clinical strategies in harmony with your body’s personal preferences. Diet can be improved. Supplements can be appropriately chosen. Therapies can be personalized.

Doctors are seeing this new technology as both a great new armament in the war on disease, and a innovative tool for preventive medicine. W. Lee Cowden, MD, MD(H) recently stated, “Each person’s uniqueness demands a personalized approach to their individual health care needs. Using Zyto technology to know a person’s biological preferences helps me to make more successful therapeutic recommendations.”

Feel free to ask us, here at The Center For Natural & Integrative Medicine, for more information about the scans and reports Zyto can create for your health picture.

The Zyto provides our patients with a state of the art, painless, non-invasive, and fast, test for a variety of symptoms and systems. We personally invite you to make an appointment immediately for your scan. Discoveries made now could save you thousands of dollars and hours of pain in the future. To coin a phrase, good health care is not expensive, it’s priceless.

A Special Note: In Memorium  

Because our approach to medicine is integrative and because we believe that the body and mind are strongly connected, we feel it is appropriate to mention the shadow that has fallen over this 2012 Holiday: the recent shooting tragedy at a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school.

We know we have friends and blog readers who share our sense of loss and outrage. If you have young children who are trying to understand this sad event, we refer you to a recent article. These words will give you advice on communicating safety, security and comfort to your loved ones in the face of such public heartbreak.

All of us will hug our children a little tighter this Christmas, hold our families a little closer, and burn the candles of memory a little brighter.


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