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Hiccups: More Than Just An Annoyance?

Hiccups. Most everyone has experienced this annoyance at some point. While they are usually considered a benign symptom, intractable hiccups have been shown to lead to depression and physical exhaustion. Hiccups can be caused by disturbance in the reflex arc that [...]

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Detox Your Diet

Are you tired of waking up feeling bloated and tired? Sick of feeling full of gas and irregular? It may be time to consider a detox regimen that will help rebuild your gut flora and have you shedding pounds and [...]

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Hormone Replacement in the News

A very recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine examines the relationship between the timing of Estrogen therapy and cardiovascular disease. The study suggested that when estrogen therapy is started close to menopause, the rate of subclinical [...]

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Allergies and Natural Remedies

If you have been anywhere over the last few weeks, it is hard to ignore the constant sniffling that you may be hearing in the community. Though these symptoms may be due to the common cold, allergies are also a [...]

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Foods to Help with Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky Gut Syndrome is a condition of intestinal permeability, where certain proteins leak into your blood stream and can cause widespread inflammation. Inflammatory Bowel Disease, food sensitives and Hashimoto’s Disease are some conditions associated with Leaky Gut Syndrome. Have you [...]

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