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Detox Your Diet

Are you tired of waking up feeling bloated and tired? Sick of feeling full of gas and irregular? It may be time to consider a detox regimen that will help rebuild your gut flora and have you shedding pounds and feeling light. Does this sound too good to be true? The 21 Day Belly Fix created by Dr. Taz, MD is certainly not an easy road, but the results you see within the first few days will leave you motivated to keep going. In this week’s installment, we speak to a patient who is the midst of this 21 Day Belly Fix, look at the concepts of this diet, and see what you can do to optimize your health.


“I didn’t think I could do it, but the results I have seen in the last few days have motivated me to keep going.” Our featured patient, a 29 year old Information Technology/Marketing Manager based in Orlando, Florida, was looking for something to help him with his symptoms of chronic constipation, bloating, and fatigue. “I had tried magnesium at night, senna tea…and nothing ever worked for me regularly. I was feeling backed up, and I kept gaining weight on my belly. People thought I drank a lot of alcohol, or that I had a really horrible diet, but I tried to do the right things. I felt like I needed to restart the way my body digests.”

After some research, the patient and his wife came across The 21 Day Belly Fix by Dr. Taz, an Integrative and Emergency physician from Atlanta, Georgia. With its basis in Ayurvedic Medicine and Integrative Health, the 21 Day Belly Fix believes in rebuilding the gut flora. The first three days focus on elimination of dairy, gluten and meat. “Although the first few days were tough, I had the protein shake and the green juice to help keep me full. My cravings for carbs and other foods subsided once I started to see the results of my weight loss and the decrease in bloating. I was also able to have bowel movements more regularly, which was something I never thought was possible.”

celiac-disease-manAs the 21 days progress, your body is eventually reintroduced to meat, dairy and gluten. This time ,however, you have been slowly adding back foods with the aid of digestive enzymes, Glutamine and Aloe Juice. WIth the addition of prebiotic and probiotic supplements at strategic times, your body starts to rebuild the good bacteria that is so imperative to digestion. Fermented foods are also a focus of the diet, with enough recipes and ideas to keep things interesting.

“I am not even halfway done yet, but the results I am seeing are motivating me to keep going. It’s amazing how different I feel after starting this diet. I look forward to seeing how I feel after the 21 days, and I know that I will keep up the concepts I have learned well beyond this month.”

Tips for Success

It is tough to accomplish an intricate detox program with the addition of multiple supplements, shakes and specialized food. However, with a little bit of planning and support, success is in the realm of possibility. Is there someone in your life that is suffering from similar symptoms, or is always talking about wanting to get into shape? If you can identify a partner to do the fix with, life becomes a bit easier. You can keep each other on track, share recipes, and help one another with meal prep. With this diet, it is important to get organized! Making a daily calendar for changes and shopping for produce in bulk can help with meal planning. Smoothies taste better cold, so using frozen fruit in your shakes adds that cool component and eliminates the risk of watering down your drink with too much ice. In addition  to these small tips, limit your temptation. Instead of meeting friends for dinner during the month, pick alternate activities. A walk in the park or outdoor activities are a good alternative to a gluttonous meal.

If you are interested in this regimen, please reference for more information.

21day bellly fix

If you are looking for a truncated detox diet or need help with meal planning, don’t hesitate to contact us at the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine. Our clinical nutritionist is available to help you reach your goals and be the optimal you.

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