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Cervical Dysplasia – Alternatives to Conventional Therapy in Orlando

Many women present to our office for alternatives to traditional therapy for HPV-related cervical abnormalities, such as mild dysplasia, atypical cells, etc. Conventional therapy might include observation only or destruction therapies such as LEEP, conization, laser therapy, or cyrotherapy. Many options exist. It must be emphasized, however, that these “alternative” methods are not accepted by traditional gynecologists.

For mild to severe dysplasia, the alternative treatments consist of three concurrent parts:

• Oral therapy with supplements to improve the immune system and detoxification of excess estrogen

• Topical application of plant-based products to the cervix twice weekly by the practitioner (“escharotic therapy”) in the office

• Vaginal suppositories of homeopathic antioxidants

Oral therapy with various supplements (such as methylated folate, DIM, etc.) with continue for about one year. Topical cervical escharotic therapy (using bloodroot or sanguinaria, bromelain, etc.) is generally performed twice in the office weekly for 4- 6 weeks. Self-administered vaginal suppositories (green tea and vitamin A as examples) will continue for about 3 weeks.

Follow-up paps are very crucial. Generally a repeat pap should be performed in 2- 3 months after the escharotic therapy and every 3 months for the first years and every 6 months in the second year. Hopefully gradual improvement or resolution of the dysplasia will be seen. However, if the paps become worse or do not improve with these methods, then standard surgical therapy (LEEP conization, etc.) should be done to prevent the development if invasive cervical cancer.

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