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Healthy 2013 Party Pointers from The Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine

It is practically required to attend parties celebrating the arrival of the New Year, so parties are our topic today! Did you ever wonder where the New Year’s party tradition began? Trivia experts tell us that ringing in the New Year with family and friends comes from an ancient superstition:

It was believed that the first visitors you see at the very beginning of the New Year would bring you good for the year if they were friends, or a year’s worth of bad luck, if they were enemies. You can see why you would not want to be in the company of enemies at such a strategic time.

Another superstition involved the New Year’s dinner. You are probably familiar with the tradition of eating black-eyed peas and ham, but did you know there were customary foods that were forbidden? Some foods were believed to reverse your good fortune if you ate them at beginning of a new year. Lobsters move backwards, so you were to avoid them. Chickens also perform a reversing action when they scratch, so the New Year’s celebrants wound not eat them.

Regardless of the traditions, we know Holiday celebration is in order, but we would be remiss if we did not give you our healthy celebration pointers:

1.  Stay hydrated. Sipped from a frosty glass or an elegant designer bottle, water is always refreshing and healthy.

2.  Eat sensibly.(We know this is easier said than done!)  Pointer: Never attend a party hungry! If you have a good meal before you attend your party, you will be less likely to over indulge in all the goodies. If you are too rushed to have a good meal, a bowl of soup and a handful of nuts will help cut down your appetite.

3.  Consume alcohol responsively.  See Point number 1: Remember the Power of Water for better health!

4.  Fun Anti-Fat Tip:  If you must eat fried foods, try to balance them with healthy bites  from the fruits and veggies tray. We know you will only make one trip to that buffet table.  Think small:  we suggest you use a smaller spoon, to take smaller portions, on a smaller plate at your buffet.

5.  Drink responsibly. Naturally, we encourage you to reduce your alcohol consumption.

6.  Sweets! Did you know that the first three or four bites of a desert are always the best? So, help yourself to a smaller portion. Sensible eating means savoring each bite slowly!

7.  Socialize! There are good things about parties that are not fattening, illegal or immoral. Enjoy heaping helpings of conversation, dancing, games, and laughter. These are healthy party activities that are good for your mind and body.

lDon’t Forget!  Our healthy party pointers are good advice whether it’s a New Year’s party or your Birthday party. These party pointers are designed to cause you to re-think what makes a party special.

It is not really the sweet, salty, fatty food.  It is not really the champagne or the alcohol.

It’s your friends and family. Happy New Year. Be Balanced. Be Well. You can learn how to make 2013 your year of physical and mental balance by attending our seminar, Jan. 22, 2013. See our complete invitation above, and “save the date.” You’ll be glad you did.


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