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High Dose Vitamin B12 and its role in the prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

I read and article recently that appeared in the Townsend Letter May 2006 #274 that re-affirms my belief that under nutrition plays a vital role in many diseases. Joseph Hattersley in his article writes that “there is an easy, low cost, perfectly safe, nutritional way that may allow people to avoid a miserable illness that many people consider worse than death- Alzheimer’s Disease.

An at home nutritional  program using B12 may indeed prevent and virtually eliminate AD. An estimated 2.3 million Americans now have AD. which is characterized by confusion, difficulty concentrating, loss of memory, marked changes in personality that can lead to outbursts of violence, hallucinations, wandering away and early death.

Nursing home care costs about $47 000 per patient annually, putting a huge burden on the health care system.

B12 levels decline throughout human life and restoring levels to those found at birth improve depression, paranoid psychoses, bipolar disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, weakened immunity as well as multiple sclerosis.

Intramuscular injections of B12 or sublingual  B12 available at a trivial cost (compared to the cost of prescription drugs) should definitely be used by all of us routinely and added as part of our supplementation regimen. What could be easier to maintain brain health?

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