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Holistic Gynecologist Discusses the Future of Womens Health Management

A 42 year-old woman presented to my office with severe premenstrual mood swings (PMS) alternating between anxiety and depression, breast soreness, and insomnia. Her regular gynecologist recommended a diuretic, the birth control pill, Xanax, and Prozac to control her symptoms. She presented to my office for an alternative approach.

According to Dr. Thomas Moraczewski, Holistic Gynecologist the complexity of the modern woman’s life requires a new model to meet her total health needs. This model must encompass the many hormonal, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual elements as she passes through the progressive phases of her life. “Traditional” gynecology evaluates and treats only the pelvic area: pap smear exams, birth control pills, STD’s, gynecological pain and infections, abnormal bleeding requiring surgery, etc. Though certainly important, the “whole” woman above the waist is neglected or relegated to other practitioners. Surgery and prescription medications are the norm. Vitamins, supplements, and “alternative” approaches are rarely discussed.

“Holistic” or “Integrative” medicine involves “integrating” these many non-traditional ways into medical practice. It looks at the impact of other organ systems in the person’s symptoms. It also blends Eastern and Western elements into therapy.

In the above example of PMS, the “traditional” approach is the current standard of care. After a thorough evaluation of her hormonal, adrenal, gastrointestinal, lifestyle, and nutritional status, her therapy consisted of:

• Oral sustained-release progesterone (days 12- 26 of each month)

• Magnesium glycinate 400 mg

• Vitamin D 8,000 IU

• High-dose omega-3’s at 2,500 mg

• Probiotics and liver detoxification support

• Calming herbs (ashwaganda, maca, ginger, rhodiola, lemon balm, etc.)

• High quality multivitamin that activates hormone receptors

• Stress reduction – weekly yoga classes and infrared sauna treatments

• Nutritional counseling

Several months later she reported “life-changing” alterations in her moods and quality of life. The Center for Natural & Integrative Therapy in Orlando offers this “integrative” approach to the woman’s modern health needs.

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