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How to Incorporate More Vegetables into Your Diet

1. Purchase fresh and frozen vegetables when you go grocery shopping. Use the fresh first and then in a pinch you can add frozen vegetables to your favorite dish.
2. Add vegetables to your omelet.
3. Take your favorite recipes and add vegetables. For example, tomato sauce, meatloaf, tacos and many other recipes can be spruced up with some extra veggies.
4. Prepare vegetables ahead of time for easy snacks.
5. When you get home from the grocery store wash vegetables, trim, and slice ahead of time. Then store them properly in the refrigerator so you have quick easy snacks, lunches, and dinners.
6. Make grilled vegetables.
7. Substitute Portobello mushrooms for meat.
8. Create fresh salsas. Salsas can include a variety of veggies. Chop up cilantro, tomato, jalapeno, onion, zucchini, salt and pepper and make a wonderful salsa. You can put this on top of your main dish to add nutrition and flavor without a lot of calories.
9. Take them with you to work, instead of going for the vending machine.
10. Add vegetables to your smoothie. Spinach is a great vegetable to start with and blends easily.
11. Try to buy vegetables that are local, organic and in season. This will ensure the best flavor.
12. Make soups and stir fry. This is a great way to increase the vegetables.
13. Sneak vegetables in by pureeing in a sauce.
14. Try new recipes that focus on vegetables.
15. Cook once, eat twice. Cook a double portion of vegetables so you can rewarm them the next day.

–¬†Kiara Oberhaensli- Nutrition Educator

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