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In what season of life are you?

Nature’s 4 seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter reflect our physical lives. Can we extend  the spring and summer seasons while delaying the fall season of life?

Spring- A child is born and enters the high energy period of life: from birth to teens.

Summer- The child becomes an adult, and the next 40 years or so spends time enjoying life.

Fall: The hair starts to gray or fall out like falling leaves, teeth decay, eyesight dims and mental abilities decline.

Winter: The preacher and friends pay final respects.   

 Are you seeing the fall and winter seasons of your life approaching at break neck speed? Do you feel helpless to stop the aging process accompanied by illness?  

We can help by guiding and supporting the “whole” person. Diet and lifestyle are key to living a healthy, vibrant  and energetic life. Our functional approach (getting to the root cause) to dealing with medical issues along with modalities such as emotional healing, meditation, yoga, massage, acupucture, reflexology, detoxification, nutrition and fitness classes is available to get you started on your wellness journey! Call us today and schedule a tour of our wellness center.

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