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Insurance Policy In a Pill

An insurance policy in a pill?

The April 2010 issue of Reader’s Digest cover story reads The Vitamin Scam. I of course picked it up and read the article which states that “recent research suggests that a daily multi is a waste of money for most people.”  The article goes on to say …… that  “even women with poor diets weren’t helped by taking a multi vitamin and that multivitamin takers were no healthier than those that popped the pills, at least when it came to the big diseases-cancer, heart disease and stroke. “ The researchers concluded that even taking Vitamin C to reduce the duration and severity of colds did not justify the expense.  Read More

Information below is an opinion peice from Dr Kalidas “Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine”

I feel that before people use any vitamin or mineral supplement, they should be carefully evaluated for the adequacy of their dietary intake, unusual dietary practices, and specific lifestyle issues, such as vegetarianism or weight reduction diets. Dietary practices in the United States have changed in ways that have reduced the vitamin delivery from the diet. For example, consumption of processed foods has increased, and many meals, including snacks, are eaten away from home. The vitamin content even in fresh fruits and vegetables has decreased because of farming practices. However, people need to be aware that excessive use of vitamin-mineral supplements may produce undesirable effects.   Dietary supplements are typically used without medical supervision, and specific indications for use of supplements are usually lacking. Users of dietary supplements may combine 2 or more products and set their own dosage regimen without anticipating potential adverse effects, including overdose. The use of vitamin and mineral products to supplement the diet is a common health practice for millions of Americans. As much as $1.3 to $1.7 billion are spent annually on vitamin and mineral supplements in the United States, making these the third largest over-the-counter drug category used.


Which supplements to take, which brand and how much is always a question I get asked. Reputable companies use GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and hold themselves to the highest standards.


I offer a test that indicates the vitamin/mineral levels within your cells where these nutrients are used for all the different reactions that place within each cell of our bodies. In this way, together we can review and decide more accurately on a supplementation program that is both targeted and cost effective. It eliminates taking bags full of supplements, not knowing for sure if they are needed or working! But remember, eating a variety of  organic, raw whole fruits and vegetables of many colors with minimally processed foods is the best diet plan.

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