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Join the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine in the “Take a Bite Out Of Lyme” Challenge


In March, 2015, the “Take a bite out of Lyme” challenge was launched by grassroots activists and ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society) to raise awareness and research funds for Lyme disease. After the ALS Ice bucket challenge took social media networks by storm last year, activists have created this concept to help over 300,000 patients affected by Lyme per year.

The rules are simple.

Take a bite: Take a bite out of a lime. Make sure to take a photo or short video. The more you react to the sour lime, the better!
Share a fact: State one brief fact about Lyme disease. Either write them in your post or state them in your video. Help spread the facts regarding this devastating disease.
Pass it on: Challenge three other people! Make sure to tag them in your post or mention them in your video.
Donate: Donate $10 to ILADS if you complete the challenge above. If you don’t feel like biting into the lime, donate $100 to ILADS instead!

Lyme Disease is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdoferi and is spread by the Ixodes tick. The most common symptoms of Lyme disease include a red, circular rash accompanied by muscle and joint aches. If not treated in its early stages, Lyme disease can progress to cause severe neurological symptoms and heart block.

Lyme disease can be a great mimicker of other diseases, which can make it extremely difficult to diagnose. In addition, many patients do not recall the tick bite, and do not present with the initial rash. Many practitioners often misdiagnose Lyme disease, and some patients do not receive appropriate care until their symptoms have progressed.

While Lyme disease was initially thought to be confined to the Northeastern United States, more cases have been detected in other regions, including Florida. Always be cautious while walking through woods. Wear long sleeve pants and shirts to avoid tick exposure to bare skin. If you find a tick on your body, carefully remove it with tweezers and consult your health care professional if you develop symptoms including rash, joint/muscle pain, headache, fatigue or cognitive impairment.

At the Center of Natural and  Integrative Medicine, Dr. Kirti Kalidas, Dr. Thomas Moraczewski, Mike Kehoe, PA-C, PhD,  Dr. Amar Kalidas and Dr. Romie Mushtaq  have treated hundreds of patients with Lyme Disease and have helped improve their cognitive and musculoskeletal symptoms. While some practitioners fail to recognize the prevalence of Lyme, these practitioners have been trained to recognize the symptoms and treat patients with both antibiotics and herbal supportive therapies.

Join us in this campaign to spread awareness and increase research funds for this disease!

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