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Making Exercise a Habit (part 2)

Continued from our last blog… here are more tips on making exercise a habit:

Make your exercise enjoyable

If your exercise is enjoyable and fun, then you’ll be looking forward to doing it. Nevertheless, not all workouts can be fun—especially if you like to up the ante and push your body to your next level. In fact, going out of your comfort zone is essential for growing and improving your fitness level. You can inject some fun into your training program by doing the following:

Vary your training programs. Instead of sticking to the same routine, try different regimes and break out of the boredom mold.

Listen to your favorite music and keep updating your playlist with upbeat and inspiring tracks.

Pick an exercise that you really enjoy. You can also opt for it as an alternative if you’re not in the mood for the scheduled workout.

Reward yourself for the hard efforts. Just make sure that the rewards are not unhealthy foods.

Keep track of your progress by taking measurements, before/after pictures, and soliciting appraisements and compliments from your family members for progress.

Though these guidelines are simple and easy to follow, getting results requires rapid and consistent implementation. Therefore, make sure to put into action what you’ve just learned and remember to always exercise with your current fitness skill.

On June 26th @ 1pm, The Center for Natural & Integrative Medicine will be offering a lunch and learn seminar: ‘Increasing Energy with Nutrition & Exercise’. Join us to learn how to boost energy levels through diet and exercise. For more information or to register: (407) 355-9246.

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