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Method in Your Madness: Five Healthy Cooking Strategies For A Low Cholesterol Kitchen

Picture these choices on your kitchen counter: A lovely fresh fish fillet, a fluffy broccoli, an organically grown chicken breast, a sparkling romaine lettuce. Did you know that how you prepare each of these foods is just as significant as initially choosing them for your cholesterol-lowering diet?

Our great grandmothers might have made these choices: Drown the fish in butter. Smother the broccoli in creamy cheese sauce. Deep fry the chicken. Drench the romaine in mayonnaise. In the 21st century, we know these cooking techniques will destroy the cholesterol lowering properties of these wise food choices. So, this blog brings you a brief introduction to a few of today’s healthy cooking methods.

Anti-Cholesterol Kitchen Strategy #1: Choose The Right Fats

One of your goals is to reduce saturated fat intake. This means you must replace butter with oils that are higher in monounsaturated fats. We like canola or olive oil. Just remember, in the words of expert Laura Cipullo, “You don’t want to use olive oil with a high flame. It’ll burn right away.” For a choice that is a little outside the box, you might try stir frying with peanut oil.

Anti-Cholesterol Kitchen Strategy#2: Bring It On With Broth!

Why not infuse flavor? Healthy cooking techniques do not have to be bland. You can use savory broth in place of oil. Using broth will enhance both meats and vegetables. Remember: Use Low-salt chicken, vegetable, or mushroom broths.

Anti-Cholesterol Kitchen Strategy #3: Try the Drip But Don’t Dry Method

Experts tell us, “Broiling, baking, and roasting are all healthy ways to prepare meats on a cholesterol-lowering diet, but you can make them even better by using a draining pan or rack that allows the fat to drip away from food.”

Anti-Cholesterol Kitchen Strategy #4: Trim Down!

Trim the fat off that organically grown chicken. Skin it! One of the best pieces of fashion-conscious advice might be, “Never eat the skin of a chicken!” Likewise, remove the bands of thick white fat from beef.

Anti-Cholesterol Kitchen Strategy#5: Cut Out, Cut Down, Or Adapt The Condiments!

We know that you know that toppings and sauces add cholesterol. Just one serving of mayonnaise, brings 10 grams of fat with it. So, how can you keep that chicken salad or sandwich healthy? Think outside the box with a little hummus, some rich Greek yogurt, and some earthy olive tapenade! Caution! Just because these are lower fat doesn’t mean you should overindulge in them. “You still need to watch the portions you’re consuming, even with healthy condiments,” Cipullo says.

There is a very old joke about a man who threw his butter out the window. Naturally, he wanted to see a butter fly. On the other hand, maybe he just wanted to lower his cholesterol! There are many more techniques for healthy flavorful cooking, but these favorites will start you in the right direction.

If you do not want to cook your vegetables, then we suggest you drink them, and bring out their flavorful goodness with a little fruit.

As March begins, we are getting hungry for wonderful spring fruits and vegetables, and beginning an investigation of various ways to serve them. Our friends at Nutritious Meals not only have recipes for wonderful things to eat, but also, healthy, refreshing drinks.

Spring Green Smoothie


2 ripe pears, cored

2 apples, cored

2 kiwis

1 very large chunk of fresh ginger

2 lemons, juiced

assorted greens



1. Blend the fruit mixture until smooth and creamy.

2. Then add green and blend again. Believe it or not, top it off with even more greens as the previous ones have blended. Use whatever greens please you. You could add sorrel, kale, collards, or mint, or a medley of all of them.

When you drink your veggies this way, we guarantee you won’t miss your butter or your mayonnaise!




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