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Naturopathic Gynecologist discusses Bioidentical Hormones in Menopause

Women and MenopauseHormone replacement therapy (HRT) in menopause can relieve many severe symptoms that accompany the loss of hormones either by natural aging or by the surgical removal of the ovarie, according to Dr. Thomas Moraczewski Naturopathic Gynecologist. 

 “Traditional” hormone therapy involves the use of synthetic versions of female hormones. These include brands such as Premarin, Prempro, FemHrt, Provera, Activella, Estratest, Combipatch, Cenestin, Enjuvia, and Angelique. They are not found naturally in the human body but are patented, chemicalized versions of female hormones. Many women do well on these traditional products. But others have difficulty metabolizing these synthetic hormones and develop side effects. Some recent studies have even questioned the long- term safety of these products.

 “Bioidentical” hormones, however, are exact, chemical duplicates of the hormones that are made by your ovaries. They are manufactured from a plant source (tropical wild yams) to be chemically identical to your own hormones. Your body cannot distinguish the difference between them. Unlike synthetics, your body knows how to metabolize these hormones easily. This reduces the chances of adverse side effects from hormone usage.

 Besides being “natural” to your body, bioidentical hormones can be measured in your body; synthetics like PremPro cannot be measured. The goal in anti-aging management is to bring your hormones into “youthful” levels.


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