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Tis the Season…


The word has been used extensively in the media and there has been a notable cultural shift in the importance of mindfulness and de-stressing. Mindfulness, put simply, is possessing an awareness of thoughts. The idea is that if you’re in tune with the present moment and how you’re feeling, you’re better equipped to handle stress. Over the last few years, there has been a substantial increase in the tools available to aid in mindfulness. Let’s take a look at some of the latest devices on the market!


The Spire device, developed after extensive research, advertises that it can coach the user to a more calm, balanced state of mind. The device clips onto one’s belt or bra, and tracks the user’s steps and breathing patterns to discover when a person is stressed, calm, or focused. Spire pairs with an iPhone, and offers gentle guided breathing exercises and meditations throughout times of stress. Research has shown that simply controlling breathing can lower blood pressure, reduce tension and increase endorphins, which was the driving force behind its creation.
At a retail value of $149.95, the Spire device can be purchased on its website at or through spire-and-charger-7aeb1c04aed50dbdc375267925d43f01Amazon or Apple.



Muse-Brain Sensing Headband


The Muse Brain Sensing Headband is a meditation tool designed to give accurate, real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain while you meditate. After calibrating the headband and utilizing its blue tooth technology to connect to your phone, the headband measures brain waves during meditation to determine if you are really becoming calm and centered. The device churns out a lot of data, which can be examined and utilized for making goals and improving attention and focus over time. At a retail value of $299, the Muse headband has made waves in the media. Check out more at



Yoga has been shown to have numerous benefits, from decreasing blood pressure, reducing stress, and improving flexibility. Since heading to the yoga studio or gym for an in-person class may deter some, SmartMat creators have developed a yoga mat that can help you perfect those poses. The pressure sensing mat guides you through poses and ensures that your weight is distributed appropriately for the maximum benefits. It even has the ability to tell you how to adjust! For more information and pre-order information, take a look at



Adult Coloring Books


While coloring books are usually designed for children, the world of adult coloring books has increased immensely in popularity over the last year. Coloring has been deemed therapeutic by many, as a way of stress relief. While there are plenty of people who have benefited from the color movement, psychology experts do not necessarily proclaim coloring books as the ultimate mindfulness tool. Regardless if the scientific evidence supports its use, proponents of the color movement believe that an hour of coloring helps with mindfulness, stress relief, and at times, pain tolerance. A licensed art therapist, Cathy Malchiodi, supports studies that


create art, though she is not a supporter of the color movement. If you’re interested in learning more, check out, which lists and reviews the top eight coloring books. Pictures range from anatomical structures to kittens.


With the holiday season fast approaching, we wish you all the very best. Though we do not have affiliations with any of these products, we are curious to see and learn more about the mindfulness movement in mainstream media!

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