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Welcome Dr. Kenneth Andronico

Dr. Kenneth Andronico

Dr. Kenneth Andronico



Please join us in welcoming Dr. Kenneth Andronico, DO, to our practice.

Dr. Andronico specializes in Opthalmology, Anti-Aging Medicine, Preventative and Functional medicine.

As a Cornea Specialist , Dr. Andronico has treated conditions such as macular degeneration, dry eye and glaucoma. He believes that health is a blend of body, mind and spirit and that most illness and dis-ease is due to body health deterioration.

Dr. Andronico enjoys focusing his energies on uncovering the underlying causes of his patient’s medical health decline, helping them improve their lives through an integrative approach that treats their illness and promotes wellness by focusing on the bio- chemically unique aspects of each patient and then individually tailoring treatment to restore balance. He embraces a philosophy that incorporates an osteopathic medicine approach to anti-aging therapies, with a special emphasis on customized patient care, education, and lifestyle changes.

Dr. Andronico is available for appointments on Mondays and Tuesdays here at The Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine


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