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Types of IV Therapy And Their Benefits

IV therapy is a treatment through which vitamins, nutrients, and natural medications are delivered directly to the bloodstream. IV is short for intravenous, meaning that the treatment is administered into the veins. There are many different types of IV therapy [...]

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The Importance of Detoxing Your Body

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard of “detoxing”. But, why exactly should you be detoxing, and what benefits does it provide to your wellness? Here, we’ll discuss the concept of detoxing, its importance to your health, and how you can get [...]

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Why You Should Keep Your Gut Bacteria Healthy

You usually don’t think about your gut when it’s doing well. But when you start feeling discomfort in the form of stomach disturbances like bloating or heartburn, you know something’s not quite right.  The gut microbiome is one of the [...]

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Importance of Vitamin D for Immunity

Vitamin D, otherwise known as calciferol, is a fat-soluble vitamin found in foods, supplements, and certain outside sources. It is considered to be one of the most important immune system-strengthening nutrients. It also has a powerful ability to reduce the [...]

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Immune System and Coronavirus Long-Haulers

The medical world is seeing a new mystery arise in the aftermath of the initial damage caused by COVID-19. Some patients – months after their initial infection – are still feeling exhausted, experiencing pain, and struggling through “brain fog” that [...]

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