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Understanding the Importance of Iodine

Iodine is a mineral found in the ocean and soil of the Earth. Although the human body doesn’t produce iodine on its own, it’s necessary for your health and wellbeing.  Understanding the importance of iodine can help you prevent iodine [...]

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How Does Stress Affect the Immune System?

While stress may feel like an emotional response, it has a significant, often far-reaching impact on your physical health. In short, stress isn’t strictly mental: It impacts your cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal system, and even your immune system.  Stress and The [...]

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Why Good Digestion Is the Foundation of Health

Your digestive system converts the food that you eat into the energy and nutrients that your body needs to function. But, beyond fueling your body, digestion impacts virtually every aspect of your health and wellbeing.  How The Digestive System Impacts [...]

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Navigating Menopause With Integrative Medicine

Menopause can trigger a range of symptoms that may diminish a woman’s quality of life. While these symptoms are normal, there are treatment options available to make this period of a woman’s life more comfortable. An integrative approach to menopause [...]

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Easily Treat Allergies with an Integrative Approach

From seasonal allergies to food allergies, allergies can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. When you experience allergies, it means that your immune system is mistakenly attacking harmless substances. Ranging from mild to life-threatening, allergies can have a major impact on your [...]

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