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Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine: Eye To Eye With I-Therm Technology

The Beauty of the Treatment

Most of us recognize the soothing power of warmth. Heat has been used for centuries to alleviate pain and foster healing. Warm soup. Warm steam. Warm compresses.

Today’s technology has advanced heat therapy to cutting edge perfection in the I-Therm system. In fact, there is no other treatment that can safely deliver heat and promote healing at the same depths of penetration. This blog showcases this technology, and brings you eye to eye with this pain relieving treatment.

If you have had a sports injury, chiropractic problems, pain in nerves, bone or soft tissue, I-Therm treatments might be prescribed for you.

It is exciting to see that many patients report that they experience some reduction in pain after the very first treatment. Studies have proven both pain reduction and actual repair of painful conditions have been successfully treated with this therapy.

At the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine, you will find your I-Therm treatment to be non-invasive and comforting. The technician places a small pad on the painful part of your body. The technician will readjust the pad to treat your inflammation. Sensors and monitors carefully adjust and evaluate the healing warmth. The science of molecular hyperthermia works deeply beneath the skin while you relax during your session.

The Science Behind the Beauty of  I-Therm and Hyperthermia

How does it work? According to experts, “The I-Therm delivers the exact dose prescribed to patients by means of a non-invasive applicator which includes temperature sensors that safely monitor and control internal temperatures. A multimodal processor using specific algorithms optimizes the therapeutic effects of molecular hyperthermia.”

This is what happens during hyperthermia:  “The I-Therm System activates molecular motion at a spatial resolution of one micron, 1000 times smaller than the capability of ultrasound.” In simple terms, this treatment works at the molecular level to increase blood flow and promote stronger delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the target areas of your pain. The process by which this works is called hyperthermia.

This therapy has been known to assist rapid neurologic rehabilitation. Experts have reported that it enhances the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

We invite you to read many more details , about this treatment, its successes, and its in-depth technology on our special page at this link. It is important for you to note that this treatment would only be given by prescription, after a careful consultation and evaluation of your case. We think it is a masterful blend of nature and science, designed to bring you freedom from pain without the intrusion or side effects of artificial drugs and designer medicines.

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