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Control Hormones: Slim Your Belly!

Learn about hormones and weightloss at the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine. Please consider this blog a personal invitation to the Center for Natural and Integrative Health, for our seminar Happy Hormones:  Slim Belly.  Join us at 6:00 pm on March 19, 2015.

You will discover the truth behind what is making your belly fat in spite of your exercise and diet.

Truth Key Number 1:  Your hormones could be making you fat around the middle or adding to those not-s0-lovable-lovehandles.

Truth Key Number 2:  Learn why weight lost might not be a simple as eating less and exercising more.

Truth Key Number 3:  Discover how different hormones that influence the health of women both before and after menopause.

Truth Key Number 4:  What is the balance between too much Estrone and not enough Estradiol?

You will discover the facts behind imbalances in progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid, and how they cause weight gain and depression

Belly fat is the bane of dieters.  You might have recently noted a television program by Dr. Oz, “along with naturopathic doctor Natasha Turner, recently discussed how to make your hormones work for you to burn fat on an episode of The Doctor Oz Show.”

Dr. Turner, has written the weight-loss book “The Hormone Diet.”

She has stated that  many of us “have absolutely no idea that it’s their hormones that are controlling every single aspect of your ability to lose weight,” said Dr. Turner.

She has based her ideas on the important roles your homones play in how your body stores or uses fat.

To lose your belly fat, it is critical that you learn more about your hormones.  That is why the doctors and staff of the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine are proud to be presenting this free seminar for you.

With new-found wisdom and  knowledge, along with healthy diet and exercise, did you know you can enlist hormones to help you slim your belly?

You might be surprised to know your belly weight is influenced by many hormones like the ones on the list below:Any waistline can benefit from controlling hormones.

1. Grehlin – the hunger hormone,

2.  Leptin – the craving hormone,

3.  CCK – the satiety hormone,

4.  Insulin – the fat blocking hormone,
5.  Irisin – the movement hormone,

Experts explain that it is the stress many of daily life that can prevent you from successful dieting.  (Yes, that includes the stress you feel because your diet is failing!)

It’s no surprise then, that stress is one of the main reasons hormones become imbalanced.

Learn how to restore this balance by attending our upcoming seminar.Center for Natural and Integrative Health endorses your happy, active, lifestyle.

Balanced hormones means you will:

A.  Manufacture more energy,

B.  Get better rested,

C.  Lose Weight.

How to Control Your Hormones:


Below, note some a few pieces of advice for learning to balance your hormones:

Set a Time for Eating, and stick to the schedule.

I.  Establish an Eating Schedule – Decide what time of day you will have your meals. “This is because your body learns to expect food at these times and your insulin levels stay low, eliminating cravings and the storage of fat.”

Likewise if you don’t eat for three hours before bedtime, then hormones regulate your body temperature to cool. This is optimal for fat burning while you sleep!

II. Pack in Protein:  Protein is crucial to hormone balance, because protein sends signals to: full and satisfied!

“This is why 35% of your diet should come from protein, which means all of your meals should contain some source of protein. This will help stabilize your hormones and keep you feeling full without cravings.”

Would you believe that, if you do nothing else but increase your protein intake to 30% each day, you will lose weight, have better appetite control, and better hormonal balance?

III. Try tracking your protein, as well as carbs and fats, by keeping a food diary on your Smartphone. Check into an ap called MyFitnessPal, to follow percentages of  carbs, fats and proteins.

There is much more information available about hormones and smooth, trim bellies. Please reserve your seat to Happy Hormones:  Slim Belly, by calling the Center for Natural and Integrative Health at 407-355-9246.

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