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Control Hormones: Slim Your Belly!

Please consider this blog a personal invitation to the Center for Natural and Integrative Health, for our seminar Happy Hormones:  Slim Belly.  Join us at 6:00 pm on March 19, 2015. You will discover the truth behind what is making [...]

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The Heart Owner’s Manual: Part 2

In our previous blog article, the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine endorsed a healthy heart as the greatest “Valentine” you could give to your loved ones. In that blog we also covered some Heart Healthy eating habits. Those habits [...]

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Baby Steps To New Eating Habits (Part One)

Some dieters have medical conditions that mandate good nutrition as part of their treatment plan. Let’s take a quick look at three patients who have discovered medical conditions that require them to re-think their eating habits: Jen has been diagnosed [...]

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