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Perfect Timing: Breast Care Seminar At The Center!

Center for Natural and Intergrative Medicine: Wear Pink!It seems very appropriate that in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are offering two upcoming free breast care Seminars: Breast Care Treatments for Women October 11 and 18 10:00-11:30 a.m. Although this seminar does not directly concern cancer, it does concern breasts.

Center For Natural and Integrative Medicine Presents:  Breast Care Therapy for the 21st Century

“Life Within,” with author and licensed therapist, Lareece Long, will be offering lymphatic drainage breast care treatments at the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine. On October 11 and 18, she will be explaining the details of bio-photonic lymphatic treatment, for the breasts. This gentle treatment is designed to safely and naturally “remove long-standing toxic stagnant fluid retention surrounding breast nodes.”

Bio Photonic Lymphatic Drainage:  Some Basic Points

As we have explained in a previous blog, “lymphatic treatments are the key to optimum disease management.” An effective lymph flow is essential to perform the body’s detoxification functions. It prevents a stagnation of toxic fluids in the body.” Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine:  Care for Your Lymph System!Lareece Long states, “Lymphatic treatments also help to release blocked and repressed emotions that are stored in our bodily organs.” Such emotions can be destructive; “they can negatively impact our physical well-being.” She explains, “The Lymphatic System has an interactive relationship with every organ in the body and is directly related to the function and efficiency of the immune system. The lymph system is a protector and a defense mechanism.” It is constantly warding off infections, viruses, bacteria, fungi and diseases. Within your lymph system, you have fluid, vessels, ducts and various other organs and structures.

Click on this previous article from the Center Of Natural and Integrative Medicine for more information on your lymph system; you will find it amazing!

At the seminar, you will learn why lymphatic drainage is especially effective in the breast and chest area! The instrument used to accomplish proper 21st century drainage is called the BELD. No needles! No Pain! No Anesthesia! No drugs!

This therapy is beneficial for many chronic and painful conditions.  Please read more about the cutting edge therapy of lymphatic drainage at another one of our previous blogs by clicking here. In the words of Lareece Long, the lymph system “clears toxins, waste material from die off of antibiotic treatments, excess fluid, and infection from all tissues in the body.” It stands to reason that the breasts and nearby nodes would be especially prone to collecting these toxins.

The Natural and Integrated Medicine Center is proud to bring you these seminars, the world-class equipment, and these life-changing Lymphatic Drainage treatments. We sincerely hope that you will mark your calendars for either Oct. 11 or Oct. 18, and join us for this illuminating information.


Honoring The Cause!

A stride implies more than a step. It implies positivity, certainty, energy and strength. Did you know that “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” is our October theme at the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine? That is because it is the theme of this year’s breast cancer awareness promotional fund-raising from the American Cancer Society? That phrase is the theme of the powerful walking and running campaigns you see happening across America this time of year, for the benefit of Breast Cancer Awareness.

The Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine is supporting the cause of all those who wear the pink ribbons with pride.

We would be remiss if we did not mention the pink ribbons of Breast Cancer Awareness and the American Cancer Society.  All over Orlando, you see special programs and walks which have these unique purposes:

1. To honor breast cancer survivors…(It is also a special time to remember those who did not survive.)

2. To raise community awareness about breast cancer risks…

3. To raise funding to assist the American Cancer Society with research…

4. To raise funding for the information and support that the American Cancer Society gives to those stricken with this disease.

Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine: Run for the Cure!

5. To raise money for the programs of mammograms for women in need. Every three-to five-mile Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk empowers women to help “finish the fight against breast cancer.”

Facts Beyond the Pink Ribbons:

1. The American Cancer Society has been assisting, informing and comforting cancer patients for over 100 years?

2. You and the women you love should know that The American Cancer Society is available 24/7 with information and emotional support for breast cancer victims.

3. The diagnosis of breast cancer is in fact, the number one reason people call the Society each year.

4. Are you aware that The American Cancer Society “invests more in breast cancer research than any other cancer? They have also played a role in nearly every major breast cancer research breakthrough in recent history.” Fun has been injected into fundraisers in recent years, but we all know there is serious meaning behind all promotional events involving the pink ribbons.

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