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The Center Presents: The Truth About Gluten!

Even as summer heats Orlando in August, the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine is warming up to share informative opportunities….opportunities just for you!  We invite you to nourish your mind, body and spirit this summer!

We all know that stress can affect our bodies in painful and miserable ways. Did you know that there are scientific and spiritual techniques to help heal your body and your mind from the ravages of stress?

Dr. “Romie” Mustaq will be sharing these techniques in a gentle yoga class named “Restorative Yoga.”

We believe these classes are so valuable to the nourishing of your mind and body, that we reserve them as a free gift for our patients only.

This is a free activity reserved for our patients, and we highly encourage you to mark your calendar for Monday, August 18, 5:30-6:30, and come see what these methods can do for you.

We predict that attending this class will promote healing for your body and mind as well as increase your sense of well-being. Some of our patients even report that they sleep better because of the methods learned in “Restorative Yoga.”

While you have your calendar available, we also hope you will mark it for August 21st when the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine will be presenting a seminar called “Going Gluten Free.”

Gluten is in the news a great deal lately. Gluten is not a myth, nor a fad. We encourage you to click here and read our recent article about this substance so often and sometimes so insidiously melded into our


This seminar is open to the public, so you can feel free to bring a friend with you and thereby encourage him or her on the path to health and well-being.

The presentation will alert you to the symptoms of gluten intolerance or sensitivity. You will also discover what it means to be diagnosed with celiac disease.

The program will introduce you to the lifestyle changes demanded by the gluten free diet. There is life after Celiac disease or gluten intolerance diagnosis.  “Going Gluten Free” does not mean going flavor-free!

So, join us and find out the truth about gluten.


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