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Detoxification and Disease

Today, we are exposed to more environmental pollutants, heavy metals and food toxins than ever before. Our livers and kidneys can not break them down rapidly enough and consequently they are stored in our fat cells. Then they are released slowly into our brain, lungs, heart, eyes, stomach, liver and sexual organs.

Toxins and heavy metals can build up in your joints and tissues triggering excruciating pain and inflammation. They can travel to your brain where they can cause memory loss, migraines and premature brain aging. They can invade the blood vessels causing blood pressure problems. They can cause estrogen dominance, reduced libido, sexual dysfunction, vision and  blood sugar problems.

According to a report in Diabetes Care, the greater your exposure to DDE plus 5 other common pollutants, the greater the chance that you will have blood sugar problems. Diabetes and Obesity is now and epidemic in the United States.

Safely detoxifying using oral or I.V. chelation, sauna, detoxifying nutrients and colonics can aid greatly in staying healthy and keeping chronic diseases at bay. It is imperative to support the body when incorporating a daily detox regimen or a 10 or 30 day program.  Work with a trained practitioner  to minimise uncomfortable healing crisis.

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