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The Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine: Guard Your Life and Lymph (Part II)

In our previous blog, we explained some of the main features of your lymphatic system, often considered your body’s “second” circulatory system, and invaluable in clearing toxicity away from your system. Before reading Part Two of Guard Your Life and Lymph, we invite you to review Part One and remind you to pay special attention to the little quiz.

Technology Updates Lymphatic Drainage Treatments!

For generations the only therapy for blockages in the lymphatic system was manual massage. This is a special type of massage, which a trained technician performed hand strokes on your affected areas to “gently move excess or infected lymph fluid to healthy lymph nodes, where it could drain through proper systems of the body.”

There were two problems with this age-old but somewhat effective technique:

1.  One problem was that patients with skin problems, cancers, or certain circulatory problems could not and should not tolerate the massage.

2.  Secondly, the therapy sometimes drove the lymph deeper into tissues and overwhelmed the deeper lymphatic channels. Needless to say, this became detrimental to the patient’s condition.

The New Integrative Approach!

At the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine, your treatment begins with a comprehensive consultation. Once it has been determined that lymphatic drainage would be a beneficial treatment option, you might be prescribed a BELD treatment. The letters BELD stand for Bio Photonic Lymphatic Drainage.

Like many Twenty-First Century technological advances, this device sounds like science fiction at first, but is firmly established in scientific study. BELD technology is the new gold standard for cellular cleansing. This technology is changing lives as it alleviates pain from many conditions.

1. The therapy is entirely non-invasive and remarkably relaxing. It is recommended that you drink lots of water before coming to your appointment.

2. During your session, the therapist passes an instrument over your body. The “wand” looks somewhat like a paddle studded with electronic lights and tiny instruments.

See an image a this helpful resource. 

With  a combination of energies, including  a LED, the BELD does its work gently at the microscopic level.

3. Put simply, the BELD system actually re-polarizes proteins at the molecular level. When the polarity of the blockages becomes reversed, the toxic, blocking material breaks down,  and flows away through natural channels.

4. Usually a treatment will only take an hour of your time. Through instrumentation, the technician has the ability to individualize your treatment after your first visit, so that your personal areas of lymphatic stagnation can be given the most attention.

5. Sometimes this treatment will be followed with a half  hour in the infrared sauna. Likewise, light exercise might be recommended to restore your lymphatic system to healthy functionality. Every case is different, but you might need several sessions to accomplish your health and wellness goal. You can read the story of one patient at this online source.

Once again, we remind you to mark your calendars for a seminar. This Sat July 19th, Lareece Gee Long will be conducting a special seminar in lymphatic drainage, and we think her information will amaze you.

As always, the doctors and staff thank you for reading this week’s blog at the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine. For more details about your lymph system and our BELD treatments, please see our special page.


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