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Hormonal Issues and Weight Gain: Is Mid Life Really To Blame?

Hormones & Weight LossAs we embark on a new year, most of us are concerned with our diet and how to go forward in a more healthy way. Many studies point to the failure to lose weight may be attributed in some cases, to hormone levels and how the hormones react with metabolism as we age.  Menopause and other mid-life changes in our bodies as females, may indeed cause a change in hormone production.

Men too, experience changes which should be addressed in healthy ways to continue feelings of wellbeing.  Asking your physician about this new “normal” if you’re experiencing symptoms, is the best advice we can give you.  Learn more about your body, no matter your age, to live well and enjoy life.

At all ages of our life, what we refer to as “hunger hormones” control metabolic rate and appetite by sending your brain a feeling of being hungry, being full, or craving specific foods throughout the day. These hunger hormones are known to stimulate the multiplication of the body’s fat cells. While it is smart to check your hormonal issues by making lifestyle changes to your diet, exercise, sleep and stress management, we do not encourage or suggest treatments which involve medications which might endanger your health.  Be careful not to be a victim to advertising gimics and weight loss programs that seem too good to be true….they are!

To get our body back into balance as we age, and to experience safe weight loss, we suggest a few things which will work in chorus with your health.

Although we cannot prevent aging, we can all walk to stay healthy at any age. It is now believed that jogging may not be necessary to keep the weight in check. A brisk slow walk each day may be just as beneficial. Stand as much as possible as opposed to sitting all day at a desk. Take breaks and a refreshing nap when it is possible. All of this adds to your overall wellbeing and will, over time affect your weight.  Healthy eating habits and watching caloric intake has to be a part of the success.

We all understand that if we take in more calories than we use, it will cause weight gain. Avoid high fat foods and watch portion sizes.  Although if it human nature to eat everything on our plate as it is presented to us (at home, at restaurants, etc) by learning the correct portion sizes, we can recognize quickly if the portion presented is “too large,”  Take the other portion home, save it for another meal.  Once you have trained yourself to follow this method, you’ll find that you actually were full and didn’t need the additional amount of food.

Consulting your doctor and inquiring about safe supplements of an organic nature is a good step forward. Organic supplements are normally less expensive than their prescription counterparts which might pose a safety risk. Our new store will be on line soon and we’ll be offering many organic supplements and other items. Your safety and good health is always our first concern as we partner with you for weight loss solutions.

Losing even 10 percent of your body weight is a huge improvement for your health. Eating and loving to eat is simply a biological response that we all share. Starving yourself and taking part in trendy weight loss programs, or taking prescription drugs which may bring about adverse results, are not a safe course forward. Many of the advertised weight loss programs cannot possibly be sustained over a long period of time and will only cause disappointment when the weight loss is quickly re-gained once you stop the program. A healthy eating program which is provided to you by your doctor or a dietition, is always the best course of action.  Contact our office to arrange a health consultation with our dietition.  We look forward to meeting you as a new patient.  Dr. Kalidas and staff are dedicated to providing our patients a “bridge to health, hope and healing.”

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