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Powering Through Pain With Prolozone: Part 2 from the Center for Natural and Integrated Medicine

Experts agree that what differentiates Prolozone therapy from other prolotherapies, is the use of medical grade ozone in the injections. Prolotherapy injections might have only the vitamins, nutients and natural medicines, without the boost of Oxygen in the form of ozone.

This difference is also what makes Prolozone so very special and so effective. Experts say, “Ozone is made by passing pure oxygen gas through a crystal tube through which an electrical spark is directed. The electrical energy breaks apart the oxygen molecules as described above, and what emerges from the other side is a mixture of oxygen and ozone.” From your point of view as a patient, you do not visually see the difference between it and any regular injection.

Like our own Dr. Kalidas at at the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine, Dr. Noah Edvalson of Idaho has also studied advanced prolozone therapy training with Dr. Frank Shallenberger. As we told you last week, it was Dr Shallenberger who pioneered the technique. Dr. Edvalson explains the amazing action of Prolozone in simple terms: “Prolozone Therapy injects oxygen directly into the areas which need circulation to heal. This minimally invasive treatment supplies ozone, three oxygen atoms (or O3), directly to the inflamed tissue.” He adds that the ozone, combined with vitamins and nutrients, “can provide relief—even for patients who have loss of cartilage in their joints.”

These therapeutic Prolozone injections address three concerns of healing in most conditions of disease or injury :

1. oxygen delivery,

2. blood circulation,

3. immune system response…

When cells are encouraged to synthesize collagen and cartilage, amazing things happen! Not only does pain diminish, but also regeneration of injured tissue is intensified. This is why you might see RIT in relation to Prolozone; the initials refer to Regenerative Injection Therapy. It is no wonder that sometimes a hip or a  knee replacement surgery can be avoided or long delayed through Prolozone injections.

After your injections, most doctors stress that you require a healthy diet with lots of protein. Rest is key to your recovery. For most patients, following a healthy diet with plenty of protein, along with adequate rest is the key to recovery after the injections. Dr. Hughs of Aspen Integrative Medicine recommends two days of rest following the injections. “A lot of patients make the mistake of exercising too aggressively after the injections and then end up slowing down or even impeding the healing process and collagen remodeling.”

For the next 2-3 weeks following the injections, Dr. Kalidas and our staff in Orlando, advise our patients at the Center for Natural and Integrative Medicine, to avoid heavy physical activities. No basketball or long hikes!

Many times it is lack of blood-flow, circulation, that prevents a sports injury from healing. Just imagine, with the Prolozone injection, the injured area is bathed in the oxygen and nutrients it needs to activate the body’s regenerative ability. This use of natural bodily response is the key reason doctors of natural and integrative medicine are so supportive of this proven therapy.

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